18 September 2018 current affairs american university health center

• according to the government’s estimates, net non-performing asset (NNPA) ratio of the combined entity will be at 5.71 percent, which will be significantly better than PSB average (12.13 percent). Also, capital adequacy ratio (CRAR) will be at 12.25 percent, which will be “significantly” above the regulatory norm of 10.875 percent.

• A recent NITI aayog publication on shifting cultivation which is particularly practised in the northeastern states, has recommended that the ministry of agriculture should take up a “mission on shifting cultivation” to ensure inter-ministerial convergence.

• “central as well as state government departments of forests and environment, agriculture and allied departments often have divergent approaches towards shifting cultivation. American university football this creates confusion among grass-roots level workers and jhum farmers,” said the report titled, “mission on shifting cultivation: towards a transformational approach”.

The document that calls for policy coherence, said land for shifting cultivation should be recognised as “agricultural land” where farmers practise agro-forestry for the production of food rather than as forestland.

Jhum or jhoom cultivation is a local name for slash and burn agriculture practiced by the tribal groups in the northeastern states of india like arunachal pradesh, meghalaya, mizoram and nagaland and also in the districts of bangladesh like khagrachari and sylhet. This system involves clearing a piece of land by setting fire or clear felling and using the area for growing crops of agricultural importance such as upland rice, vegetables or fruits. Is american university a good school after a few cycles, the land loses fertility and a new area is chosen.

• two bright blue coradia ilint trains, built by french TGV-maker alstom, on monday began running a 62 mile (100km) route between the towns and cities of cuxhaven, bremerhaven, bremervoerde and buxtehude in northern germany – a stretch normally plied by diesel trains.

• speaking on the occasion, the president said that hindi has a strong presence on the world map. Washington university email outside india, more than one crore people speak hindi and it is being taught in universities of major countries. The 11th world hindi conference saw the participation of more than 2,000 representatives from 45 countries.

• the president said that to enhance its presence, hindi has to adapt to science and technology – both in content and dissemination. We live in the age of technology, the president said. Smart-phones are eroding distances between languages and technology could similarly be used in the propagation of hindi. The president also praised the role played by hindi cinema in popularising the language in india and abroad.

• ministry of AYUSH and central council of research in ayurvedic sciences (CCRAS), all 25 clinical research institutes of CCRAS are conducting various health care activities during the rashtriya poshan maah being observed in the month of september, 2018 .

• three institutes of CCRAS namely, central ayurveda research institute for cardiovascular diseases (CARICD), punjabi bagh, new delhi, regional ayurveda research institute for nutritional disorders (RARIND), mandi (himachal pradesh) and regional ayurveda research institute for mother and child health care (RARIMCH), nagpur (maharashtra) have conducted the nutrition awareness camp for patients and general public on 15 th september, 2018

• the indian diaspora attending the event will get an opportunity to participate in the ‘kumbh snan’ and attend the republic day parade. American universitys the announcement was made on saturday with external affairs minister sushma swaraj and uttar pradesh chief minister yogi adityanath jointly launching a dedicated website for the event from january 21-23.