2018-19 Flu season where to get flu vaccine in nyc number of students at university of kansas

While anyone can still get a flu shot through the new year, city officials recommend that new yorkers don’t wait. It takes about two weeks for the flu vaccine to be effective, so if any flu activity does start in november, you want to have gotten your vaccine at least by october.

Last year’s flu season was the worst in nearly a decade. University of kansas greek life about 80,000 people across the country died of the flu or flu-related complications, per the CDC. In new york alone, there were 23,377 flu-related hospitalizations and six pediatric deaths.

“and honestly, we can start with one strain in november and december, and end up with a different outbreak in february,” zucker said. “that’s why we do surveillance and issue reports every week. University of kansas urgent care we have to see how things unfold. It’s also why we want people to get vaccinated now, so that they’re protected when the influenza virus arrives.”

The reason so many people fail to get a flu vaccine every year is because they have some misconceptions about it works, zucker said. She knows people may say that the vaccine isn’t effective, or that they got a flu shot but still got sick, so it’s not worth it. But those excuses aren’t exactly true, she said, and they’re not reasons to skip out on your shot.

“it’s correct that the flu vaccine may not be as effective, for example, as say, the measles vaccine, where with two MMR vaccines, you can prevent 99 percent of cases. With the flu, it may be around 60 percent,” she said. “but if you think about preventing 60 percent of infections among all new yorkers, that’s a huge number.”

It’s recommended that everyone 6 months and older get a flu vaccine, but those who should especially get a shot are people 65 and older, children under 5, people who have medical conditions like heart disease, lung disease, asthma and so on, and pregnant women.

When pregnant women get a flu vaccine, it also helps protect their newborn infant from influenza, zucker said, because the antibodies get passed from mother to child. That’s particularly important since a child cannot be vaccinated for the first six months of their life.

Along with getting a flu shot, health officials want to remind people to stay home if they do feel sick, to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze and to wash their hands frequently during flu season. Where to get a flu vaccine in new york city

That means any new york city pharmacy can give a flu shot to anyone ages 2 and up, and this local option could help more new yorkers have access to the vaccine, since busy parents won’t necessarily have to take a day off work to bring their child to the doctor for a shot. What is kansas university known for A note to all parents: children who attend a new york city licensed childcare or pre-k need to have received at least one dose of flu vaccine by dec. 31.

The new york city department of health runs an immunization clinic in fort greene, brooklyn and there are NYC health + hospitals facilities that offer the flu shot either for free or at low cost. (insurance is required to cover the flu vaccine, zucker noted.)