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?? Wow, wow, no need to be so harsh. I saw Kanysheva live in Austria and both my mum and my friend who know next to nothing about skating noted that she was special, wonderful and really graceful on the ice. Vasilieva and Kanysheva are very different skating wise. Vasilieva has a raw quality to her that isn‘t polished yet at all but could grow into something powerful. Kanysheva however is very graceful, more calm and to some who prefer the powerful approach (a la Trusova and Vasilieva) she could seem boring. Her PCS however, are in no way undeserved because whether one personally enjoys her skating is a matter of PREFERENCE nothing else.

Also, Tarusina is more mature, yes, I agree with that. But she‘s also two years older so that‘s probably only natural. Alena is only 13 and there is always a difference between a 13 and a 15 year old.

So, she obviously has time to grow artistically.

I did not mean to upset anyone. I should be fully transparent that I am a huge fan of Tarusina. She is my favorite junior non-Eteri girl. school for highest level of education Ever since she got in that bus accident and was able to bounce back and become as consistent as she is I have been in her corner because I just think that is so admirable. secondary level education in pakistan I seriously think she is the most consistent Russian lady aside from Trusova who falls only ever on quads and can fall on them and then come back and do a perfect quad and then 3L+3Lo, and maybe Zagitova too since I think we can forgive Worlds. Anna was so cute on Instagram Live after Bratislava eating all that food in the hotel the morning after the event. It was funny but kind of sad how excited she was about being able to enjoy those two tiny packets of Nutella since her coach wasn’t there. I love her so much and I want her to slay at every event.

I like Kanysheva and I wish her well, but I do think Tarusina is better. It is kind of funny to me that people ask "have you seen Anna’s jumps?" in response to what I said about Kanysheva. I think both girls have small jumps, but I felt that a couple of Kanysheva’s jumps were UR at Austria and not called. Also to me the fact that Kanysheva got a higher score at her first event doesn’t necessarily mean she is the better skater. Anna’s score was low due to an invalid spin, which was the coach’s fault not hers.

So Vika’s score last week made me ragey and Tarusina coming in second to Kawabata sent me over the edge(only the ISU’s anti-all Russian final dreams was that combo NOT under!) Then I come on here and people are essentially saying well Kanysheva would have beaten her. In my opinion no, they would have held her down too. This isn’t Anna’s fault. She went out there and killed it. Same for Vasilieva — cleanest free from a non Eteri (yes I’m conceding Vasilieva was better than my girl) and they give her 118 like this is a joke. Un-freaking-real.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion about who is better, and I have seen enough discussions on here in my 13 years of lurking to know it can go round and round (and round….lol). But Tarusina and Kanysheva were being compared here early on since they were the first two silver medalists and I have gotten the impression that it is more about the scores than the skating. average salary by education level I just feel something when I see Anna skate that I have a hard time describing, and an equally hard time understanding how others cannot feel this. Yes she needs to work on the height of her jumps but the spins, StSq, transitions…..she has it ALL. She is charming and yet sooo mature. When the music gets faster and she hits the 3L+3T, arms go UP. Soooooo perfect. She comes around and does the 3F and the arms go IN. Then by the end of her StSq the ice is practically on fire. She draws me in and I cannot take my eyes off her. I get this feeling from Trusova, Shcherbakova, and Kostornaia and I think a lot of people would agree here. Although Kanysheva is very good I don’t feel this way when I watch her yet and after so many comments comparing the two over the past few weeks I could not keep my mouth shut any longer. I understand that there are fans here who feel this way about Alena and although I cannot agree I want to be fair to her and to everyone. I see loads of potential in this young lady. education level university Ultimately I am content that they both got second assignments after all this, though I am gutted for Vasilieva.

Did you guys see Anna’s smile at the end of her free in Bratislava and how happy she was in the KnC before the spin of doom was realized. How beautiful and sweet is this girl? If she loses today I literally will cry. And I’m scared for Tarakanova too.

I just don’t think Tuk is good enough. Her entry into the 3A was crawling to almost a standstill. I still don’t get her scores and her spins are pretty mediocre. Yes she has 3A and textbook jumps but they aren’t that high nor cover much distance. She’s always been a question mark to me.

I definitely don’t think she has a very good 3A. Even at its best, it’s never been as good as Asada’s best attempts, and not even close to Ito’s. Her 3Lz and 3S, however, do cover good distance and have good height. average salary based on education level Her 3F isn’t that great, though.

The bigger question mark when it comes to Tukt’s jumps is why she’s never had been able to gain more consistent 3-3s. For someone who’s praised for her quality of jumping, it’s quite odd. She really doesn’t get too much outflow out of her 3Lz (or didn’t use to), which probably affects her ability there. Very odd.

Her spins, skating skills, and transitions are indeed weaker areas for her. I do think she’s somewhat improved in those three areas since 2015 WCs, but not too much. She’s still a very lively skater, so she can perform well and hold the audience’s attention while she’s skating.