30 Positive thoughts, 30 days inspirational quotes for struggling students

I love this idea; do what you think you can’t. I know it sounds crazy, but think about it. If we only did what we thought we could, there would be nothing new in the world. Seriously, think about it. How many times in life have you said “I can’t,” only to turn around and do exactly what you said you couldn’t?

Granted there are some things that you just can’t do, but that’s not what this is about. I’m never going to be able to flap my arms and take flight, that’s impossible. That’s okay, there are air planes for that. Inspirational quotes for high school athletes this is about those things that are hard, but not impossible. If I went to the gym right now, and tried to bench press 100 pounds, I couldn’t do it, but it’s something I can work towards and build up to. I could slowly increase the amount of weight over time and before you know it, I could be bench pressing that 100 pounds with no problem.

Do what you think you can’t. Take the time and invest in yourself and try.

Here’s the thing, life isn’t easy. I know a lot of people who believe in the law of attraction say that when you’re in the right vibration, life is effortless. I don’t necessarily believe that. Life can be easy, but it can also be messy and hard and you have to find a way to get through it. You have to do what you think you can’t. Believe in yourself, even when you think it’s impossible, and try. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

It’s funny, or maybe it’s ironic that today it’s all about effort, when today, I actually thought about throwing in the towel. Yep, I am giving serious thought to being done with all the positive thoughts, the website, the twitter – all of it. Why? Because it’s hard work, and I don’t feel like it’s doing much of anything for anybody, except for stressing me out for posting so late at night!

But guess what? Life isn’t always easy. In fact it’s hard work at times. It’s hard work most of the time. Life is about work and it’s about effort. What it’s not about, or what it shouldn’t be about is validation from others. Nor should it be about what’s easiest. It’s great when things are easy, but what’s more important is not giving up when it gets hard.

That being said, sometimes there are choices to be made, and if it’s about effort, it’s also about deciding how to prioritize and focus your effort. You’re only human, and so am I and sometimes of effort may have to be directed elsewhere, and that’s where I am right now. It’s all about effort, and trying your best, and I’m going to do my best to focus on what I have to get done, and direct my effort where it is needed. Inspirational quotes for english students and I’m reminding myself that I’m not perfect and I’m not super mom/super teacher/super blogger. Until I get myself unburied from the roadblock that life dumped on me (not in front of me) I’ll to my best to post every day, and on the days I’m super late, or don’t post at all, I’m going to forgive myself.

I through a huge pity party for myself today. The why isn’t important. What is important is that instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should have been thinking of this quote. One shift in thought, and it’s not happening to me, it’s happening for me.

If I had spent even a tenth of the time I spent feeling sorry for myself shifting my thoughts, I would have had a much better day. Instead I went into full blown poor me mode. Guess what? It didn’t make me feel one bit better, in fact, it made me feel one hundred percent worse. I felt bad, and I felt angry and resentful at the people who were throwing up roadblocks in my life. But what I should have been doing is realizing that every roadblock was making me stronger and more powerful as I found my way past them. These roadblocks weren’t happening to me. Simple inspirational quotes for students they happened for me.

But hey, l am not perfect, I make mistakes and now, I’m moving on. Every mistake is a lesson learned, and I’m going to work to remember it doesn’t happen to me and it doesn’t happen to you. It happens for me, it happens for you and it happens for us. We take what life is throwing at us and we use it to grow stronger!

Let’s talk about thinking positive, what it is, and what it isn’t. It’s not a magic pill. Maintaining a positive attitude doesn’t fix everything, and it doesn’t make everything all better. What it is, is something to hold on to when things are tough.

I’ve had people (many people actually) tell me that my having a positive attitude means I’m not dealing with the crap that life hands out. Well here’s the thing, when life gives me crap, I deal with it. I must, because I’m still here, moving forward ever day. Second, thinking positive is precisely how I deal with that crap, because I always find something good in all that bad. I got moved to a new classroom at school. It’s my 8th classroom in 9 years, and this year, I’m on the fourth floor with all the foreign language people. Now they’re very nice people, but they’re not my people. Best inspirational quotes wallpapers and the fourth floor is hot, and with the weather we’ve had, it’s been pretty miserable. And somebody stole a bunch of my stuff while I was moving. There is some crap…granted it’s not huge crap, but it’s still crap. But guess what, my room is very spacious, and being on the fourth floor means nobody (administration) comes looking for me all that often because nobody wants to go up four flights of stairs or use the ancient elevator. And as far as my missing stolen stuff – well, I had too much stuff anyhow, and the stuff I absolutely needed to have, I replaced.

That’s what thinking positive does for you. It’s not a magic pill, but it’s a way to look at things, and it’s a way to remind yourself that no matter what, things will be okay. Don’t get caught up focusing on all your own crap. Face it head on, look for the positives, and remind yourself that you’re goign to get through it and it’s going to be okay.

You’re human. You make mistakes, and when you do, you need to remember to forgive yourself. Inspirational quotes for college freshmen if you don’t forgive yourself, you hold on to baggage that isn’t doing you any good. Baggage weighs you down and holds you back, and really, who needs that?

The thing is, mistakes can be good. When you are trying to figure something out and you make a mistake, you just learned a way not to do whatever it is you were trying to figure out. That’s good. Mistakes mean you’re trying something new and opening yourself up to new worlds and new experiences. That is also good. But when you hold on to those mistakes, or worse stop trying because you’re afraid, that’s bad. Forgive yourself. Try new things, make mistakes and let them go.

It’s easy to say to forgive yourself, but it’s one of the hardest things to do. In fact, it’s easier to forgive other people than it is to forgive ourselves. But you deserve your forgiveness more than anything else. Don’t hold on to the mistakes of the past. Keep the lessons, but let go of the pain. Forgive yourself.