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Theodore that ravens beatdown as bad as the falcons and bear one, this team is poorly constructed from jason gump, proof is in the record setting perfomance of this team…..Licht drafted a kicker in round 2, a kicker…then on and on, and his so called “good players” just are not that….I will give him JPP that guy is on fire, he is a bucs friendly fire from getting hurt just dumb buc luck

This is simple.. Tired of hearing about this. This starts at the coach. Koetter believes in big plays. That is the “key” to the game. We have defenders flying around trying to make the big play. We have running backs trying to make explosive plays. We have an interior defensive lineman that all he ever does is make a big play (rarely) or allows one based on his scheme. Linebackers that yes cause fumbles occasionally, but miss more tackles because they are trying to create the fumble.

The DB’s play off to negate a big play but are eager to bite trying to make that big play.

The deep balls on offense work, sometimes, and when you get on a streak everyone dances in the streets and buy beards. When a defense says, fine, we will drop two and bring pressure the long ball threat goes away (not sure why schwarz didn’t do this). This is a top of the line coaching mentality. Oh and by the way, while you are heaving the ball down field, never throw an INT either.

This team does not try to grind. Study at yale new haven they do not know how to on either side of the ball. Its not sexy, but so much of football is the grind. This is not the koetter/smith way. This is what the bucs are and what they will have this season. Hopefully, there will be more 40 point showings by the offense and key turnovers from the defense. This is the only way that the bucs win. Solid game plan, running game, executable defense. Not gonna happen.

Been posting this since the sunday massacre. This goes way back all the way back to the last 4 games under gruden. You really should have posted the raheem 2011 record after game 5 every game was a complete blow out! Surprised how fans are acting like this is something that hasn’t be going on for the last decade. University yale fourth coach since gruden with the exact same results? Funny mccoy getting that pass but he was here for the some of the worst A$$ whooping’s I’ve seen.

Joe you could point fingers of blame on all of those on ownership that did not demand a good defense but instead lets point fingers at the last 3 years which mike smith has had control. Glazers please please please stop the bleeding and get rid of overpaid mike smith who you made a mistake with by paying him the most of any D coordinator. Any amount is obviously too much as we cannot defend anyone.

I just want to say our linebackers are completely overrated. For being some of the fastest they have to be the most out of position linebackers I have ever seen. Too many times do I hear that a linebacker bit on a short route only to be thrown over and have a huge gain against them. So kwan and lavonte you guys stink too, get with the program or move on please.

If gmc, lvd and all the rest of these garbage players that you proclaim to be so great, why have the bucs been permanent residents in the nfc basement and have embarassed the sport of football beyond recognition with communication excuses and soft play….

If the glazers don’t do something, licht has to. His job is on the line if things go south. Joe has been very prescient about smith’s inability to teach young defensive backs. Veterans who’ve already been trained are the only guys that seem to be competent in his system. Under the right coaching, vernon, M.J., carlton, ryan or some combination of them might become great players, guys that will make licht look like a savant at the draft. With smith coaching, though, everybody will scream. “we don’t have any talent.” fire licht.

The glazers have to be careful. Let’s say jameis, kwon, ali and donovan have great years, but the team goes somewhere between 6-10 and 8-8 because of a 30-32 level defense. Are they going to come back long term? If I was advising jameis, I’d say don’t sign with the glazers. Look at what’s happened with quarterbacks like phillip rivers and andy dalton who’ve spent their entire careers toiling for miserly, losing owners.

This defense needs a total re do of players not named JPP and the rookies. Let’s face it, the bucs haven’t gotten one coaching hire right since chucky, and he was handed a championship defense. This article is indicative of the horrendous front office, coaching and weak players that have called themselves bucs since gruden was fired. All the coaches now are dead men walking and I’ll keep saying it, this team needs a tom coughlin type president to get the right players and coaches. I don’t see anything that’s gonna stop this ship from sinking this season.

Well its not like the fairweather fans in tampa doesn’t deserve any better. How about support your team, show up to the games, and quit crying to fire people everytime the going gets tough. There’s reasons why good players aren’t trying to come play for us, and good reason why coaches don’t want to coach. TRUTH!

I know jason licht goes to the press box on S. Dale mabry for wings and a beer sometimes. Use to see lightning coach jon cooper at a bar in hyde park all the time. Thoght he was a total hard ass never saying anything and chewing his gum constantly but he’s actually a nice, funny guy the one time i talked to him. That’s beside the point.

Neither will be back who in 2019 since their production doesn’t come close to their salaries. Unloke michael bennett and donald penn who still wanted to play here I do hope the door hits them on the way out because both players have become content to lose and be well paid to have no contribution to changing the outcomes of games defensively

LVD got 5 FF last year and was the MVP of that awful defense. He is still getting tackles and could still be a tackling machine. Kwon could be so much better than he is right now. This LB crew is doing bad right now because they are not being used properly just like the rest of the defense. LBs have to have help closer up on the outside to get to backs and receivers and this scheme has more space than the deepest of the darkest universe.

Care 95% manchester %5 bucs. Sale the team to someone that will keep us in tampa, that wants a winning team, and will give us awesome jerseys. They could get serious dough from the stadium and facilities up grades. Let’s hope that’s what they’re doing. Maybe the new owners will care about fans and do something smart like put shades over the stadium to sell tickets. The HOAX known as global warming continues to break record heat temps every freaking day of the year.

SOEbuc says what I have been harping on since I stopped going to games in sept and oct, I cannot handle sitting in the sun for 4 hours, more locals would go to the games if they had a shading system and a way to pump some air around the stadium. Yale popular majors its just insane to expect people to be that uncomfortable and at the same time watch players that are not trying as hard as their opponents. The bucs used to play tough, violent football, these days they don’t hit as hard and can’t get their defense off the field.

Let’s just say that it is time to stop giving mccoy, david, and alexander their unjust due. McCoy isn’t really a difference maker… he’s good. He really is… but he is far from great. On a great team, he might be confused with great, the great players and talent around him would make him better. David and alexander have been falsely called “excellent” for years and they are anything but. Flashy, energetic, but wildly inconsistent and both terrible against the pass. They are the anti-barrett ruud.