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Last night I finished reading "thank you for being late" by thomas friedman after a marathon session, in a few parts, during the day and evening. There is much to discuss, far more than I can summarize in a few hundred words. In fact, it is most likely a backwards step for me to review all that made an impression on me as I could not possibly retell what I read in any way that would convey friedman’s book with even a fraction of effect. Washington university st louis tuition in other words, read it as soon as possible for yourself.

Of course, that will also require the citizens of america to become far more involved in their democracy, to research the candidates as people not representatives of one party or the other, to understand when our government works to advance or regress our country, and to vote in every election as if our freedom depends on it, because it does.

In the future, there will be far less money poisoning our political process, whether the citizens united ruling is reversed or the electorate has finally realized that its representatives should be more like them, economically, by gender, by race, by perspective.

In the future, campaigns will present positive messages about programs and policies which will improve the lives of the citizenry, not attack ads paid by special interest groups. Ranking of best universities in the world and these campaigns will begin in march and end in november, so that the winners can return to their local halls, state capitals and washington DC to do the people’s work, while continuing to listen to their constituents in addition to those who did not emerge victorious because despite falling short, they too represent the viewpoints of the voters.

In the future, civility will be the rule, not the exception. This is not to say that debates won’t be heated or contentious, and that strong words may not flow. But it will mean that once the vote is taken, the losers will accept defeat graciously, while the winners will acknowledge the concerns of the losers, both understanding that the next round may produce the opposite result and each will need to accept and respect the other when on the other end of the tally.

In the future, the three branches of our government, that special triad conceived by the founders to provide stability and balance in our government, will be aligned more equally so that power is shared but also checked. Ideally, the electorate will come to realize that no party or ideology should control too much of that power, which will force our public servants to work together, knowing that when they don’t others will be elected.

In the future, politicians will spend less time "governing" and more time communicating with their constituents. This does not mean that the house or senate will not be session, but it does mean that those elected will be held accountable for their votes because they have heard it directly, or have gained the trust of those who chose them, to be able to explain a vote that may not necessarily reflect a majority of the votes; in other words, to lead the voters when they need to be led. Washington university pediatrics and, should the occasion arise, to accept defeat at the next election for doing what is right, even if not popular.

In the future, pro-business laws and rulings will not be to the detriment of the environment. Our leaders will have either proven to us, or us to them, that a thriving economy can exist with a respect for the environment; that both are necessary and achievable.

In the future, short term benefits will be desired only after the long term benefits are calculated. University rankings in the world we so often see the harm of boom and bust when in the throes of the bust, yet pretend each boom will last forever. Long term security, which is what every financial adviser recommends for their clients as they look towards retirement, seems lost on us when we discuss our communal security.

In the future, there will be a need for less government regulation because more and more people will embrace the understanding that being responsible is a reward in itself, which removes the need for laws to remind us to do what is right. We will finally realize that immoral acts cannot be excused because "it is not against the law", which means our leaders, in business and in government, will know they must act legally and morally, the latter being more important.

In the future all of these ideals, and much more, are possible, if we demand them. If we raise the bar on our personal participation in our democracy, raise the bar on our expectations of how our leaders govern our country, and reflect on the priority of money and possessions in our personal lives and judgement of others.