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VINELAND, NJ — when the landis square senior apartments celebrates its ribbon cutting on tuesday, march 27, at the corner of east landis and south east avenues, no one will have a bigger smile on his face than hans lampart, president of eastern pacific development/brookfield construction.

While vineland will usher in arguably one of the best affordable housing facility for seniors in all of south jersey, the project is a personal triumph for lampart with a project that was 10 years in the making.

The ribbon cutting will symbolize the red tape the developer had to go through to get the $16 million, three-story, 74-unit project done, helping transform a once blighted corner in center city vineland.

"This represents the most difficult undertaking I took on and was successful at," lampart said in an interview earlier this month in his office going over final touches as the first residents moved in. "It is fulfilling to me personally to have done this.Landis square senior

"For the seniors moving in, they’re getting a quality environment and unit and in a community where there are not a lot of newer places to live. I take a lot pride in offering more than what a lot of other developers do. I’m very pleased with how it came out," he added.

While his eastern pacific development company has done projects in trenton, plainfield, buena, salem, and bridgeton, he calls the landis square senior complex his "showcase."

The public has responded strongly to the apartments with about 700 people signing up on a list to rent one of the units. Lampart said 30 people moved in when complex opened last month with another 40 already approved. He said the entire complex will be filled by april."The demand [for the units] is quite significant," lampart said.

"There is definitely a need."The senior apartments are tabbed at those 55-years-old and over, with incomes ranging from $18,000 to $28,000.Landis square senior rent at the complex for a one-bedroom starts at $650 per month while a two-bed room will cost roughly $750.Each apartment has the amenities like refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and heating and air conditioning unit. Along with the common area for all residents, the facility also has a game room, exercise area with equipment, and a small library.

Lampart said one of the big pluses of the complex is the 10,000-square-feet of commercial space on the first floor of the complex facing east avenue. He said he is in talks that could probably bring a pharmacy, convenience store and a coffee shop to the space, complementing the needs of the complex’s residents and increasing foot traffic in the area.

The builder credits vineland mayor anthony fanucci with finally getting the complex completed. He said fanucci saw the vision of how the complex fit into the overall project of restoring the center city intersection while he was still city council president, while other elected city officials did not seem as enthusiastic.Magazzu said

"This administration has been very helpful and cooperative," lampart said. "[fanucci] was more helpful before he became mayor as he was able to operate without the interference … this administration seems to be more pro-growth, progressive, and aggressive in attracting new things and new activities."

Another person who helped bring the senior project to vineland indirectly was lampart’s finacee, lori dimatteo-fiocchi, who also serves, in lampart’s words, as his bookkeeper and decorator. Lampart said they met 20 years ago while he was doing a project in bridgeton.

"We went out a few times and all of the sudden I was doing deals in vineland," lampart said with a laugh. He said residents and visitors will be able to see dimatteo-fiocchi’s touch of design and decoration throughout the complex.

When lampart was named 2016 builder of the year by the builders league of south jersey, dimatteo-fiocchi won an award for best merchandising.Lampart said

Lampart started to dig in his development roots into downtown vineland with the redevelopment of the historic landis theater, which was completed in 2010. The 800-seat theater, along with the restoration of a former auto dealership into the mori’s restaurant and banquet facility, which was finished that same year, were part of the first phase of an overall plan for the landis/east intersection.

The landis square apartment complex is the second phase of the project. Lampart said his goal is to build a similar high-quality complex across the street from landis square, and has been working on acquiring the property, which he admitted has been "difficult."

Lou magazzu, president of the CEO group, said that landis square senior apartments has brought new life to that corner of landis avenue and should bring benefits for vineland for years to come.

"It took an eyesore away from the community and put this beautiful building in its place," magazzu said. "It’s like the ritz carlton.Lampart said it’s not what you would think of when you think about senior housing. It’s beautiful on the outside and it’s beautiful on the inside. It’s really going to give seniors a wonderful place to live."

Sports prints decorate lampart’s walls inside his office based the landis square complex, revealing his love for his favorite teams the buffalo bills (where he grew up) and the los angeles lakers, where he lived for 30 years. With such projects in the works, he calls vineland home.

Lampart said he hopes to get a chance to complete projects on all four corners of landis and east, and has applied for funding for another vineland project to build two 70-unit apartment complexes on the land of the old newcomb hospital.

Magazzu said lampart has made a deep personal investment in vineland, starting with the renovation of the landis theater, and has continued to develop additional plans for the area.

"If it wasn’t for those projects, I think there would have been continued deterioration of the area," magazzu, a former cumberland county freeholder said. "I think it’s really excellent that [these[ projects have moved forward and it’s particularly good that you have that component for senior citizens."

Lampart said

Lou magazzu seemed proud to replace francis reilly as executive director of the CEO group, an organization of business leaders reilly started in 1996, after the former vineland city administrator died in 2014.

Reilly will be remembered on tuesday, march 27, when the community room at the landis square senior apartments will be named in his honor as one of vineland’s biggest boosters to help bring downtown back.

"He was a colorful character," magazzu said of reilly, who also wrote a column in the vineland daily journal for some 20 years. "All you have to do is go back and look at those columns. He had an opinion on everything.

"He was very, very conservative politically. He was almost like a libertarian and I was a very involved democrat. He worked for the republican years ago on some campaigns but he was conservative and I was more of moderate. Even though we didn’t agree on things nationally, we agreed on things locally," magazuu added.Lampart said

Hans lampart, president of the eastern pacific development/brookfield construction, said reilly became a mentor and a guide for him when he came to town. Reilly had work as the city’s economic director and magazzu as its attorney when they met.

"Even though I had been doing projects in new jersey, 10 years ago I was still seen as an outsider," lampart said. "I didn’t know many people in vineland and someone introduce me to fran. We became friends and I really relied on him for his advice.

Lampart said reilly’s son provided him with two bound books of his daily journal columns that will be housed inside the community area of the senior apartments.

Born and raised in vineland, reilly relocated to lake tahoe, california and san diego where he worked as a sports columnist and in sports information. He returned to vineland in 1988 where he became a political consultant and started his own public relations firm.Lampart said

He became involved in numerous leadership positions, including bridgeton historic district commission, economic development director for the city of vineland, and as a board member of the south jersey economic development district, vineland downtown improvement district, the vineland industrial commission and the landis sewage authority, according to his obituary.

Magazzu said that reilly took interest in raising funds for cumberland county college’s school counts program, which provides two-year tuition scholarships to county residents who earn four consecutive school count certificates from participating high schools.

School counts certificates were earned during high school by having an exemplary attendance record; taken rigorous curriculum; achieved a higher-than-average GPA; successfully completed algebra I; and scheduled to graduate from high school on time.

In 1996 he started the CEO group, which stands for communication education opportunity.Landis square he hoped that the organization would bring together local business owners in a non-profit corporation to influence government for the better, mount charitable efforts and generally improve quality of life.

"He had this vision with half-dozen members and we have over 50 now," magazzu said. "It was where the leaders of business could come together on a regular basis to talk about common challenges and opportunities. Also, we could assist the community."

"In his name, we created a scholarship at cumberland county college and have done other philanthropic things because he was very committed to the community," magazzu said.

The CEO group francis J. Reilly scholarship is given annually to high school seniors entering cumberland county college pursuing a degree related to business, industrial or entrepreneurial studies. The applicant must be recommended by a high school counselor and submit an essay about their future business, industrial or entrepreneurial goals, the college noted.Lampart said

"My objective is to fashion this philosophical premise into a concerted effort to fill the vacuum created by the absence of the collective CEO voice in local and regional issues," reilly said in the quote on the CEO group’s website. "Such topics would include regulation, taxation, educating and sustaining an effective workforce, politics, transportation, infrastructure, community pride and more.

"I see clearly the value of one voice publicly and privately representing the opinions and objectives of those through whom so much productivity, and the spin-off socioeconomic stability which emanates from it, is dependent. Equally, I see the daily damage done by the absence of such a collective voice, and how readily your most critical needs will continue to be ignored absent an aggressive effort to the contrary," reilly continued.

Reilly, who married bonnie zappariello-reilly in 1993 and raised three children, was an avid reader and a fan of blues and jazz, which he often used for inspiration while writing, according to his obituary.Magazzu said it said that through his endeavors, reilly was always looking for ways to develop and foster relationships and for ways to help his fellow man.

Magazzu said he sees the naming of the community room after reilly a fitting gesture since the landis square senior apartments and the landis/east project were developments he wholeheartedly championed.

"He was a very opinionated irishman," magazzu said with a laugh. "It’s actually a beautiful gesture by hans (lampart) to name the room after him. I was friends with him for more than 20 years and I think he would have been delighted that he was being remembered in this way.

"This is something that is also appreciated by many of fran’s friends. I have a feeling that you will see strong support from CEO group members at the ribbon cutting," magazzu added.

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