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28-year-old lee rong cheng describes his younger self as lazy and playful. His playful nature may not have served him well in his younger days. American college dubai however, he pushed through and eventually earned his time in the spotlight – rong chen graduated with top class honours in the bachelor of science in management with international business awarded by royal holloway, university of london (RHUL).

As a business development executive, rong chen’s responsibilities include servicing clients and proposing corporate gift ideas for their campaigns or corporate events. His work also requires him to travel and liaise with business partners and vendors overseas.

What initially attracted him to take up the degree course were the international business modules he would undertake as part of his studies. He explained, “I’m keen to understand how businesses in other countries operate and what makes them tick.” rong chen was further motivated by his desire to further his career and be a strong provider for his family.

“during my studies, we had to do research on different markets in US, UK and asia in order to gain an intimate understanding of how governments and culture can impact consumer behavior. Today, even my boss values my feedback, and is willing to share with me his strategies and plans for overseas expansion,” rong chen happily revealed.

With numerous business-related undergraduate programmes available today, deciding on a suitable one could prove challenging. For clear-minded aloysius tay, the consideration was based on two key factors – the value-add of the programme on his career prospects, and the quality of teaching. American university demographics he found the right match in royal holloway, university of london’s (RHUL) bachelor of science (honours) in management with international business programme.

The thought to further his studies was ignited when aloysius recognised that obtaining a degree would be pivotal in helping him get ahead in his career. Other than researching on surveys and testimonials about various universities, aloysius started speaking with friends who are human resource personnel in multinational corporations to ascertain the programme that will meet his expectation.

“I found out that university of london is well-known for its high assessment standards. The RHUL professors are also experienced specialists in their respective fields, with the ability to foster critical thinking. As part of the curriculum, the university’s lecturers travel to singapore to conduct lectures and workshops. This means as an offshore student, I don’t experience compromise on the assessment and the teaching quality is consistent,” shared aloysius.

Going back to class after an eight-year hiatus was not without its challenge, especially for aloysius who had to juggle between work and studies at the same time. However, his initial fear was dispelled after getting into the grooves of the programme’s flexible structure that allowed him to catch up on his lesson through pre-recorded materials availed on the university’s portal. American university football the lectures and workshops were also arranged to fit working professionals’ schedules.

Aloysius’ high level of motivation and keenness to learn saw great pay-off in his academic journey. He enthused how the programme equipped him with both knowledge in understanding the dynamics of international business and soft skills that improve his communication ability to make compelling and persuasive business presentations.

When asked how his newly obtained degree has impacted on his career, aloysius said, “opportunities started knocking right after my graduation with a first-class honours degree. I was head-hunted and even landed a new role as a client specialist with thomson reuters.” close