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Columbia university, the university of maryland, and the smithsonian institution are working on visual recognition software to help identify species from photographs. Leafsnap is a series of electronic field guides being developed to demonstrate this new technology. This free mobile app helps identify tree species from photographs of their leaves and contains beautiful high-resolution images of their flowers, fruits, petioles, seeds, and bark. The high-resolution images in the original app were created by the conservation organization finding species.

Leafsnap turns users into citizen scientists, automatically sharing images, species identifications, and geo-coded stamps of species locations with a community of scientists who will use the stream of data to map and monitor the ebb and flow of flora.

The leafsnap family of electronic field guides aims to leverage digital applications and mobile devices to build an ever-greater awareness of and appreciation for biodiversity. American university acceptance the city college of new york developed and tested curricular materials that use the leafsnap app to help middle school students notice, group, and contextualize street trees in the patterns of evolution. Curricular guide and other educational materials are available from here.

The genesis of leafsnap was the realization that many techniques used for face recognition developed by professor peter belhumeur and professor david jacobs, of the computer science departments of columbia university and the university of maryland, respectively, could be applied to automatic species identification.

Professors jacobs and belhumeur approached dr. John kress, research botanist and curator at the smithsonian to start a collaborative effort for designing and building such a system for plant species. Columbia university and the university of maryland designed and implemented the visual recognition system used for automatic identification. In addition, columbia university designed and wrote the iphone, and ipad apps, the leafsnap.Com website, and wrote the code that powers the recognition servers. The smithsonian was instrumental in collecting the datasets of leaf species and supervising the curation efforts throughout the course of the project. As part of this effort, the smithsonian contracted the not-for-profit nature photography group finding species, which collected and photographed the high-quality photos available in the apps and the website. The newest version of leafsnap has been expanded to include the trees of canada through collaboration with the canadian wildlife federation. A separate version for the trees of the united kingdom is also available. UK species were collected and photographed by the natural history museum, london, UK. Click on "species" above to browse leafsnap’s gallery of species. (leafsnap UK species are not included here.)

How do I create an account? The first time you take a photo, it automatically creates an account for you, after which you can go to the options screen and change your username and/or password. Best universities canada how do I label a potential match as the correct species? Simply "swipe" across the result to mark it as that species. How do I delete an image from my collection? Simply "swipe" across the image on the collection page to delete it. Why was my leaf not recognized? Photos of leaves must be taken with a single leaf on a fully-white background for our automatic algorithms to find them. Also, keep in mind that the app must first send the image to our servers for processing, and so you must have a working internet connection when you press "snap it!" no internet connection is required to browse through the rest of the field guide, however. When will there be an android version of leafsnap? We have one under development, but since the app is free and the work is being done by volunteers, we do not have a release date, nor a firm guess as to when this will be. Will there be a blackberry/palm/windows mobile/windows/computer version of leafsnap? We are working on a volunteer basis and thus have to prioritize our efforts. Our primary goals are to expand coverage and release an android app first. After that, we will consider additional platforms if there is sufficient demand. When will you have coverage of my city/region/country? We are working to first complete coverage of the northeast US, then the rest of the united states, and finally the rest of the world. University rankings germany I am a botanist, ecologist, arborist, or tree expert, and would like to volunteer in future collection efforts. How can I do this? Please email us at volunteer@leafsnap.Com – we are keeping a list of those experts that have offered to volunteer, with the hope of building such a collaborative mechanism in the near future. I am not an expert on trees but would like to help in collecting photographs. How can I do this? Please email us at volunteer@leafsnap.Com – we are keeping a list of potential volunteers that could help with collecting field photographs.