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In the summer of 2004, a small group of young and enthusiastic families conceived of the idea of starting their own shul in north woodmere. The families wanted to create a shul that was a makom tefilah with an atmosphere focused on davening and learning – a place that could serve as a central location for avodas hashem for the entire community. Washington university medical school these founding families were drawn to rabbi aryeh lebowitz‘s dynamic personality, breadth of torah knowledge and exemplary middos, and he was the unanimous choice to serve as the rav of the new shul. After converting rabbi lebowitz’s basement into a temporary shul, minyanim began at BKNW on shabbos parshas noach, 2004. The shul quickly outgrew its original home and relocated to 649 hungry harbor road, where the building is filled with the sounds of torah and tefilah each and every day.

BKNW is a proper makom tefillah and home to a number of weekly shiurim, including a daily daf yomi shiur, a weekly halacha shiur, and a one-of-a-kind contemporary halacha shiur at shaleshudus. Washington university st louis ranking with approximately 150 family members, the shul continues to grow annually.

North woodmere is a quiet, beautiful neighborhood located only minutes away from the five towns’ shopping, restaurants and schools, as well as the communities of cedarhurst, woodmere and lawrence. North woodmere is also home to a state-of-the-art park that offers activities for children of all ages.

We would love to have you come spend a shabbos in our community to see if BKNW and north woodmere are right for you and your family. Top 10 universities in the philippines if you have any questions about the neighborhood, the shul, or would like to come for a shabbos, please contact rabbi lebowitz at bknwrabbi@gmail.Com .

Rabbi aryeh lebowitz has served as the מרא דאתרא of beis haknesses of north woodmere since its founding in 2004. In addition, he is an eleventh grade rebbe at the DRS yeshiva high school (since 1999), and magid shiur and program director of yeshivat lev shlomo, the post high school program affiliated with the hebrew academy of long beach (since its inception in 2009).

A native of the five towns, rabbi lebowitz spent two years after high school learning in ארץ ישראל at ישיבת כרם ביבנה. Upon his return, he attended yeshiva university’s sy syms school of business, where he majored in finance. Upon graduation, rabbi lebowitz fully dedicated himself to his סמיכה studies at the rabbi isaac elchonon theological seminary under the tutelage of his rebbe, rav hershel schachter שליט"א.

Rabbi lebowitz has published numerous articles on practical halacha in various journals, including the journal of halacha and contemporary society. His recorded shiurim on gemara and derush, including a daf yomi shiur delivered each morning at our shul and an abbreviated summary of a relevant / practical halakhic topic given at yeshivat lev shlomo are available at YU torah and have gained widespread popularity.

Prior to founding the beis haknesses of north woodmere, rabbi lebowitz served three years as assistant rabbi at congregation sha’aray tefillah in lawrence. American unviersity while at sha’aray tefillah, he also served as the founding rosh kollel of the morning kollel, one of the foremost centers for adult education in the lawrence community.

Our rebbetzin, elana lebowitz, originally from edison NJ, is a graduate of stern college and a practicing CPA. She has been an instrumental force in the founding and rapid growth of our shul. Rabbi and rebbetzin lebowitz are the proud parents of yonah, yisroel, zecharia, daniel and chani.