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​ A long-time native to northern virginia, cuong T. Ha, MD, graduated from the thomas jefferson high school for science and technology. He pursued his undergraduate degree as an echols scholar and subsequently completed his education in medicine as a “double-hoo,” a double graduate at the university of virginia.

Dr. Ha (friends know him as “chris”) trained in dermatology at the johns hopkins university school of medicine and served as chief resident in his last year. During his residency, dr. Ha published articles on the subject of cutting-edge treatments of rare connective tissue and autoimmune skin diseases as well as novel techniques in dermatologic surgery. A consummate gadget-guy, he is always trying to incorporate the latest computer and medical technologies into his practice.

The culmination of his residency in baltimore was a presentation at the pediatric dermatology society meeting in annapolis and participation in the annual conference in san diego held by the national psoriasis foundation.

Additionally, he was a key member of the clinicopathologic correlation panel of the 79th annual meeting of the atlantic dermatological society. He is currently a part-time editor and contributor to the johns hopkins dermatology online atlas, www.Dermatlas.Com, a compendium of high-quality digital images of dermatologic conditions for physicians and patients to share worldwide. Contributors range from the baltimore-washington corridor to physicians in every country where medicine is practiced.

Dr. Ha returned home to virginia to apply the broad base of knowledge from hopkins’ specialists. His wide-ranging clinical interests include the treatment of autoimmune blistering skin diseases, connective tissue diseases, skin cancers including melanoma, pediatric dermatology, and cosmetic and dermatologic surgery. The strengths of his skills are also based on a foundation molded by the best of baltimore’s community dermatologists who volunteer their time and pass on their pearls of wisdom daily. Auc logo dr. Ha takes pride in providing quality, compassionate care for patients of all ages throughout northern and central virginia. To date, dr. Ha has performed over 16,000 surgical excisions and cosmetic reconstruction of skin cancers and tumors with over a 99% long-term cure rate.

Chris and his wife, carrie, have been friends since high school. Best universities for engineering she holds a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering and a masters’ degree in biomedical engineering. Her proudest achievement, however, is raising their sons ethan and everett, and princess elise. Their first “child,” however, was the late scooby the family dane, a beloved pet-therapy dog. The latest addition to the family is bodie, the floppy-eared, blue dane. Feel free to ask for the "scooby" exam room during your visit if you have an appreciation for dogs.

​ chelsea reamy grew up in vienna, virginia and earned her bachelor of science degrees in marine biology and psychology from the university of miami. Upon graduation, the pursuit of her interests in the life sciences led her to advance her medical experience as an ophthalmic technician and first assist to a prominent corneal specialist. The desire to treat patients on a personal level led her to the completion of her masters of science in physician assistant studies from shenandoah university. Her clinical rotations and medical mission to nicaragua ultimately shaped her interest to pursue a career in dermatology, where the health of the body is more than skin deep.

Ms. Reamy was trained by dr. Ha in the critical aspects of adult and adolescent dermatology which include rashes, skin cancer examinations, and common ailments such as acne, warts, and molluscum. While her technical approach to dermatology mirrors that of her mentor’s emphasis on detailed interview, thorough examination, and diagnostic and therapeutic acumen, her intuition and compassion are all her own.

Chelsea is board certified by the national commission on certification of physician assistants and is a fellow of the american academy of physician assistants. American university bookstore she is licensed by the virginia board of medicine. As an extension of her attending physician, she is capable of performing examinations as well as laser and minor surgical procedures.

In her spare time, chelsea considers herself a foodie and loves to try out new restaurants – she welcomes recommendations! Her artistic side includes playing the cello and piano as well as painting with acrylics and oils. She additionally enjoys boating, traveling, and live music.

​ kristen ritch was born in queens, new york and raised outside of atlanta, georgia before settling in aldie, virginia. She knew early on in her middle school years that she wanted to be a health professional, and from that point forward set her sights on becoming a physician assistant. While working on her undergraduate studies at george mason university, her experience working in a skin clinic sparked her interest in dermatology. She completed her bachelors of science degree in psychology at george mason university, and then pursued a second BS in medical science. Her postgraduate studies earned her a masters in physician assistant studies in west virginia. After graduating, she initially began her career caring for patients in internal and family medicine and later in bariatric surgery. She is able to develop a rapport with adolescents easily, having worked in pediatrics as well. With a solid foundation in general and surgical medicine, she is now able to refocus her long-term passion towards practicing in dermatology.

Kristen’s training and knowledge base comes from the tutelage of dr. Ha, himself a product of the university of virginia school of medicine and a residency in dermatology at the johns hopkins school of medicine. She is proficient with performing skin examinations and biopsies, diagnosing and treating rashes, and addressing common ailments such as warts, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Kristen is certified by the national commission on certification of physician assistants and licensed by the virginia board of medicine. She is a member of both the american academy of physician assistants (AAPA) and the virginia academy of physician assistants (VAPA).

Kristen resides in loudoun county with her husband lyle (also a physician assistant), son benjamin, and two boston terriers, louie and abby. She enjoys cycling on virginia’s many trails, visiting wineries in search of that perfect red, antiquing, and is active in her church.​

Kirsten yezzi was born in binghamton, new york and raised in manassas, virginia. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a make her mark in a healthcare field. Through impactful experiences in college, she aimed her sights on a career as a physician assistant. University rankings usa while balancing a full course load at virginia tech, she gained experience as a nursing assistant and developed a love for compassionate, hands-on, patient care. After graduating with a bachelors of science in human nutrition, foods, and exercise, kirsten completed her education with a masters of physician assistant studies from james madison university. Dermatology has always been a prime interest in her studies as it most synergizes internal and external wellness. Under the training and supervision of dr. Ha, she will continue to master her knowledge and hone her skills for patients of all ages at prince william dermatology. Kirsten is facile in thorough skin examinations and biopsies, and evaluating and treating most skin ailments including acne, eczema, psoriasis and treating warts, molluscum, and precancers.

​kirsten is certified by the national commission on certification of physician assistants and licensed by the virginia board of medicine. She is a member of the american academy of physician assistants (AAPA), the virginia academy of physician assistants (VAPA), and the society of dermatology physician assistants (SDPA).