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Please note that admissions requirements may change from time to time. Applicants are encouraged to check the notes to applicants page of the website regularly for any updates which may affect current or future applications. Minimum academic standing

Please note that due to limited enrolment, meeting the minimum academic standing does not guarantee admission to the program, or even consideration for an interview. A realistic review of the statistics on our website for the averages of successful applicants is recommended before submission of an application.

BC applicants with an overall academic average of less than 75% and out-of-province applicants with an overall academic average of less than 85% (based on the adjusted academic average, if applicable) will not receive full file reviews and thus will not proceed further through the application process. 1 A full file review consists of a full academic evaluation, a non-academic evaluation and where appropriate, a rural/remote suitability evaluation.

You must report all university-level courses, programs, and grades. Individuals who have withdrawn from another medical school for academic reasons are not eligible to apply. Best universities for computer science individuals who are enrolled or will be enrolling in another medical school during the application cycle must inform the program using either the online application form and/or email. Failure to include relevant information may result in disqualification of your application.

1These averages must be attained although the published minimum academic requirement for applying to the MD undergraduate program is an overall GPA ("OGPA") of 70% based on all university-level courses attempted (see minimum credit requirement)

All applicants must submit ONE set of official transcripts, in sealed and endorsed envelopes issued by the registrar(s) of the home institution(s), from ALL post secondary institutions attended, to the MD undergraduate admissions office by the application deadline. Please refer to the application timelines for further information. Applicants must submit transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions attended, including but not limited to colleges and universities, institutions attended on exchange, study abroad institutions, institutions attended on a letter of permission or as a visiting student, etc. It is not sufficient for our purposes for the courses/grades to appear on your home institution’s transcript. Transcripts can be sent directly from the institution or sent by the applicant to us, as long as the transcripts arrive in their official, sealed, endorsed envelopes.

Applicants who attended post-secondary institutions (including on exchange or study abroad) outside of north america must have their foreign transcripts assessed by either ICES, the international credential evaluation service or WES, world education services. All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by WES or ICES unless the foreign institution was attended for only one term, or 6 credits or fewer were taken in an academic year. Applicants must arrange to have official transcripts from their foreign institution and the WES or ICES reports submitted to our office by the application deadline.

From ICES, we require the comprehensive report. The supplemental report is recommended only for applicants who are hoping to use their foreign coursework to satisfy the english requirement and/or to demonstrate proficiency in biology, chemistry and biochemistry (if the supplemental report is not submitted in this case, detailed course outlines must be provided instead). From WES, we require the course-by-course report. Basic and ICAP formats are both accepted. Au eagles please note that the verified transcript submitted as part of the WES ICAP package is not sufficient for our purposes and an original, official transcript from the foreign institution must be submitted as well. The WES or ICES report is required to augment academic evaluation of an applicant’s file. However, the admissions office reserves the right to apply its own evaluation. In some cases, the admissions office may request applicants with international credentials to submit both a comprehensive and supplemental report from ICES to assist in the academic evaluation of their application.

All applicants must complete 6 credits of english coursework by april 30 of the year of entry into medical school (april 30, 2018 for the 2017/2018 application cycle). English courses should be offered through an english department and should consist of two semesters of literature or one semester of literature plus one semester of composition (academic writing). Social science and humanities courses do not count toward the english requirement, nor do theses in any subject area.

Courses in technical writing, report writing, business writing, creative writing, linguistics, media studies, and film studies are not accepted toward the english requirement. Courses with titles like “reading popular culture” are accepted on a case-by-case basis only if there is a clearly identifiable and significant literary component. Traditional literature courses focusing on a particular time period, location, or group of writers are generally accepted, as are genre courses such as children’s literature and science fiction. However, please see the english courses chart to confirm, and email the course syllabus to the admissions office if the course is not listed.

Courses in biology, chemistry and biochemistry are strongly recommended but are not required for application. All applicants are expected to demonstrate proficiency in these areas through coursework and/or MCAT scores. Courses in physics, statistics and the social sciences are also recommended as general preparation for the MCAT and for medical school.

For applicants wishing to take our recommended science courses, the science courses chart provides a list of courses previously accepted as science prerequisites. To assess course equivalency, refer to UBC course descriptions to ensure that the topics covered in the courses and the credit weightings are similar. Please follow the department links in the science courses chart or consult the UBC calendar.

Note: as applicants are required to demonstrate their academic ability to determine their suitability for the rigorous MD curriculum, taking the credit/D/fail option for required and strongly recommended courses may not be a helpful indicator in the selection process and could potentially jeopardize your application to the program.

Applicants who have taken english and/or recommended science at an institution outside of north america must submit an original transcript from the foreign institution and have their foreign transcript assessed by either ICES (international credential evaluation service) or WES (world education services). Applicants who attended the foreign institution for only one term, or who took 6 credits or fewer are not required to get a WES/ICES evaluation. We recommend the supplemental report from ICES for applicants who are hoping to use their foreign coursework to satisfy the english requirement and/or to demonstrate proficiency in biology, chemistry and biochemistry. If the supplemental report is not submitted in this case, detailed course outlines must be provided instead. Please see "international transcripts" under the transcript requirements section for more information on foreign transcript requirements.

All applicants must take the medical college admissions test (MCAT) and request that their results be sent electronically to UBC via the MCAT score reporting system after the online application opens in mid-june. Washington university colors test results from april 17, 2015 onward are valid for five years. In accordance with AAMC regulations, applicants must release all scores. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all results are sent to UBC and received by the admissions office.

Please review the faculty of medicine MD undergraduate admissions statistics summary for an indication of competitive scores. It is recommended that self-identified indigenous applicants achieve competitive MCAT scores. These scores will be reviewed at the discretion of the indigenous admissions sub-committee.

Click the link for information about online registration for the MCAT exam. MCAT scores must be received by october 1, 2018. The latest accepted MCAT test date is august 25, 2018. The august 31, 2018 MCAT sitting will not be accepted for the 2018/2019 application cycle.

Please note: UBC is not a part of the american medical college application service (AMCAS). You must therefore specify that you want your test results released to UBC. This can only be done AFTER your results have been sent to you. Please use the MCAT score reporting system to send your scores to UBC; refer to the help questions within the score reporting system for specific instructions. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the ‘"scores sent to institutions" option to confirm that results have been successfully sent to UBC.

To avoid submitting an application that may become ineligible as soon as the MCAT score is received, applicants are encouraged to write the MCAT early so that they may confirm their scores meet our minimum requirements before applying. Applicants are also encouraged to write the MCAT early in order to have time to reschedule their exam should confirmed testing difficulties arise during the exam. Unfortunately, the admissions office cannot accommodate rescheduled exams with score release dates that fall significantly after our september 29 deadline. Applicants who experience technical difficulties during their MCAT should receive official confirmation from AAMC and email the documentation to the admissions office.