Afl fantasy tips $5,000 sunday funday – moneyball locker room washington university campus map

The competition is certainly starting to heat up with plenty of teams fighting for spots in the top eight. Some pivotal contests will take place on this sunday afternoon with some quality players out on the field. Team management for all moneyball coaches will be key this week with spreading the salary cap to obtain a big win. No such thing as luck in AFL fantasy. AFL fantasy tips: ruck

With rumours that nankervis has been slowing in recent weeks and kruezer been in fantastic form, it’s a no brainer who to bring in today. If the salary doesn’t hold you back he is a certainty to dominate the contest and earn a decent score. Averaging 29.4 hit outs and 15.9 disposals over the course of the opening 11 games he has played. I can’t down play the impact this giant could have on the contest. Uk university rankings forwards

Tigers are working well together in the 2017 season thus far and 31 goals to riewoldt is certainly an indication of this. Averaging 14.5 disposals and 6.5 marks at the half way point of the year and he is building into some fantastic form for himself and his side. If he can get off the least he will run riot on the blues.

Billings has worked tirelessly for the saints in 2017 and his pressure around the ground has been first class. Averaging 22 disposals and 5 marks per game, he has been a highlight across the forward line. He is priced slightly higher for the forwards across the spread but definitely worth a punt against the suns. Midfield

Another high priced midfielder who has been in prolific form in recent weeks. It hasn’t just been last week that gibbs has been a monster in the midfield, averaging 100+ in the last five weeks straight. He boasts 28.1 disposals, 5.5 marks and 5.9 tackles from 12 games in 2017. If the salary cap allows you to squeeze gibbs in, then against the tigers he will be a must.

After starting the season slowly, ellis is managing to work his way into the year nicely. Carlton have tagged opposition players before, and with dusty likely to be followed by curnow expect the load required to be lifted by others. American college dublin ellis will need to work hard whether it be off half back or through the middle and forward of centre. Not overly high price tag for a midfielder so can be worth the risk.

With the absence of nat fyfe for the contest we won’t be seeing the head to head battle we had hoped for. Although the missing midfield depth will could play right into the hands of dangerfield. He is a high priced midfielder for the day but the risk against the reward will be worth it’s weight in gold. Washington university athletics averaging 30.1 disposals and 5.8 tackles per game is exactly why his scoring has been great. Defenders

Mature age defender for geelong in 2017 hasn’t put a foot wrong. Working hard in the contest to win the ball for his side, along with negating his opponent and the impact they have on the game. With only the $4,900 price tag and averaging 14.3 disposals, 3.5 marks and 73.7Fp in recent weeks. He can potentially be a risky option but against a undermanned fremantle side he could inflict pain the likes of ex-cat shane kersten.

Rumours floating around that docherty may be a late withdrawal, this does more for simpson owners. He is having a solid year for the blues out of defence, averaging 7.8 marks and 24.3 disposals. The running style of simpson will be well utilised against a tough richmond outfit. If the blues are to have a chance of getting over the tiger’s, a lot will fall to their running defenders to rebound and link with the midfield/forwards.