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Adrienne mcdade found her life’s purpose and began her career path in fundraising through new faces of fundraising, an inclusion initiative originally created by the AFP greater cincinnati chapter. She credits new faces not only with preparing her for her first professional fundraising job in 2013 but also for her consecutive promotions, a dynamic network, and an ever-increasing base of knowledge about fundraising and social innovation.

Adrienne is passionate about getting more people involved in fundraising careers as co-chair of the new faces program for the greater cincinnati chapter. She said, “I believe in the AFP foundation’s efforts to foster a culture of inclusive philanthropy through the north american expansion of this program over the next few years.”

Adrienne is a graduate of the university of cincinnati college-conservatory of music’s arts administration graduate program and received her MBA from the lindner college of business.

Prior to entering the fundraising field in 2013, she spent three and one-half years as a full-time registered stock broker and part-time dance teacher. This interesting combination of occupations is a direct result of her receiving her bachelor’s degree in finance with a dance minor from millikin university.

Lauren jones believes that the most important components of new faces were definitely the opportunities to network and the weekly training sessions. She found “keys to prospecting” most informative and took plenty of notes; she also loved the "strengths finder" exercise. Lauren stated, "it’s always engaging to see personal strengths in a new light, exchange ideas with my colleagues, and make new connections."

Lauren credits this program with her transition into a fundraising career as development officer for the women’s fund of the greater cincinnati foundation (GCF) in late 2015. "I’m so grateful that I was selected to participate in new faces," said lauren. "I know other people are out there for whom an opportunity like this could reshape their lives."

Prior to GCF, lauren was communications and marketing coordinator at planned parenthood southwest ohio region and spent two years in the americorps program at public allies cincinnati. She is a passionate advocate for the issues that are important to women and their families in the cincinnati community.

Chris shenep said that he can’t imagine a better way to learn so many valuable lessons. The conference helped him improve upon strengths and eliminate areas of weakness. Where is american university he came away with several ideas that will further aid efforts to raise funds and heighten awareness for the mission of his organization, while also serving fellow staff, board members and the fundraising community.

“it was great to interact with colleagues and learn from such a diverse set of leaders who live across the world–ALL in the spirit of fundraising and development,” stated chris. “from the annual fund, to major gifts–and loving my life, job, and career–I’m grateful for the wide array of information.”

Before he even landed back home in little rock, chris was already making plans to apply many proven strategies, helpful suggestions, and real world solutions to his daily tasks. As a young professional, he gained a great deal of knowledge and information in all aspects of fundraising, as well as life in general, that will help to further improve his career, solve similar problems, and prevent potential challenges.

In june 2015, chris was promoted to executive director of centers for youth & families foundation ̶ the oldest continuously operating nonprofit in the state of arkansas. He said, “we are having one of the most successful years to date fundraising-wise, and I credit our success to a lot of what I learned at the conference.”

Sarat had the opportunity to meet david disend, an ardent champion of diversity and the individual whose leadership and generosity helped him receive a diversity scholarship. He stated, “it was an honor to see david being recognized for his philanthropy at the conference and I applaud his work in promoting diversity and inclusion in AFP.”

Sarat said it was great to see that AFP is making positive steps in welcoming diverse thoughts and groups into the profession, especially with a focus on young folks interested in philanthropy as a career. List of best universities in nigeria he believes AFP has a role to play in changing the demographics of the profession at a national level and the growth of organized philanthropy in the developing world.

This new knowledge gave sarat the courage and confidence to pursue fundraising as a profession and enable him to harness philanthropic gifts that improve communities locally and around the world. His interactions with david and other colleagues have been inspiring and he plans to pay this forward someday so that another individual will be able to benefit from his generosity.

Beth was amazed at how big the conference was and the number of educational opportunities available. She found it hard to choose one class per session as there were so many interesting topics and speakers. Beth thought the attendees were very willing to share their experiences to help out the "newbie." in fact, she said that she had the most meaningful conversations waiting in lines or at lunch. Many of the vendors were supportive of her questions with no pressure to make a commitment to their products.

As a new executive director in a very small nonprofit, beth chose sessions that she thought would add to her current skill set. Social media and ethics gave her a framework to apply within her own organization. Crowdfunding was a great hands-on session that showed her how to do it and allowed her to meet some experts at getting the message out quickly and broadly.

“it was very gratifying to hear over and over how much we do to change the world. American college I would recommend this conference to other students and fundraisers or nonprofit leaders. I don’t think it limits itself to just professional fundraisers,” stated beth.

In 2016, the AFP foundation for philanthropy will make the shift from scholarships to professional development grants. These may include awards for continuing education and leadership development in the following categories: chamberlain (first-time conference attendees), diverse communities, and emerging fundraisers. EMERGING FUNDRAISERS ACADEMY

The inaugural collegiate leadership conference is being enhanced and expanded into the emerging fundraisers academy, june 2-4, 2016, in orlando, florida. It is designed for undergraduate and graduate students exploring careers in fundraising and nonprofit management, collegiate chapter advisors, and those in the profession for less than two years.

In the words of one student attending the 2015 conference, “this experience made me feel valued as a fundraising student and professional. There is nothing quite like that! I would not have been able to make this trip without financial assistance. I was so inspired by the conference. I truly feel that I was able to get a big picture view of things, and that is priceless.”