Allyouths – does harvard discriminate against asians in a case that could upend college admissions, the ivy league goes on trial university rankings uk 2016

But in the harvard case, asian americans argue that racial considerations have made them a victim of their own academic success. Washington university missouri they tend to get better grades and score higher on standardized tests than other races but claim they are frequently rejected as a result of “racial balancing,” which is akin to racial quotas and has been ruled unconstitutional.

“being asian american actually decreases the chances of admissions,” the lawsuit said. American university class schedule citing a duke university economist’s analysis of six years of harvard admissions data, it claimed that asian american applicants who have a 25% chance of getting in would have a 35% chance if they were white, and dramatically better odds than that if they were black or latino.

In responding to the suit, harvard said studies of its admissions, including its own internal review, have been either inconclusive or flawed.

The data used don’t include “essential” application factors such as personal essays and recommendations and excludes recruited athletes and legacy student admissions, the university said in court filings.

For each applicant, the university conducts a “whole person review” that includes considerations of racial and nonracial factors such as socioeconomic background in addition to grades, test scores, recommendations, extracurricular activities and “personal qualities” such as being kind, respected and likable — an approach harvard said is well within the law.

“if the lawsuit against harvard succeeds, it would diminish students’ opportunities to live and learn in a diverse campus environment — denying them the kind of experiences that are central to harvard’s educational mission and critical for success in our diverse society,” harvard said in a statement.

Blum was also a significant player in the 2013 supreme court case that struck down key portions of the voting rights act of 1965, a decision that civil rights groups say increased voting restrictions, such as voter identification laws that disproportionately affect racial minorities, in several states.

Harvard calls blum an “anti-race conscious admissions activist,” and one asian american civil rights group supporting the university in the case said the lawsuit is a “thinly veiled attempt to use asian americans to destroy racial diversity on every campus across the country.”

The recent replacement of retired justice anthony kennedy — who wrote the 4-3 majority opinion in the university of texas case — with the more conservative justice brett kavanaugh could give them a better chance of winning at the supreme court, should the case get that far.

The department of justice launched a separate investigation into harvard last year after asian american groups filed a complaint saying it discriminates in admissions. Washington university wiki in july, the department rescinded obama-era guidelines encouraging the use of race in admissions decisions and suggested race-neutral policies.

“if there’s a program to support minorities in competing and advancing their prospects in higher education, big majorities will be behind it,” said laura stoker, a political scientist at UC berkeley. “but when it comes to fiddling with selection criteria, the public support dwindles. American college of obstetricians and gynecologists that’s because affirmative action can be so easily portrayed as a form of unwanted discrimination.”