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American university park is a great neighborhood of approximately 11,865 residents, with a median age of 35.1 this neighborhood is located in north west D.C. With maryland, massachusetts avenue, nebraska avenue, 43rd street and river roads forming the borders. Although the cost of housing is expensive, with the average home price in 2010 approaching $982,426, this neighborhood offers great schools, recreational facilities, shopping and nice homes.

Public and private schools nearby include georgetown day school, janny elemntary school, national cathedral school and st. Ann’s academy. In addition you will find american university’s washington college of law located here as well as other building of american university. Recreational facilities include friendship recreation center, westmoreland circle park and fort bayard park.

Shopping is nearby at spring valley shopping center. American university majors the nearest metro station is temleytown metro, which is short walk down albermarle street N.W. There are several metro bus stops as well.

This is a pretty safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. Home values increased dramatically during the housing boom, but did not retreat to the extent seem in the suburbs. In many ways this neighborhood reminds me of the town were I went to college.

AU park is a primarily residential neighborhood just outside of american university. Unlike most neighborhoods close to a school however, there aren’t many students living there. This is because the price of a modest sized house easily reaches over a million dollars. American college rankings unless you have a lot of money, you can’t afford to live here. However, affluent families with children would do well to live here, as the schools are some of the best in the district. You could buy something larger, and save on tuition by sending your children to the public schools. After school, your children could go to any of the three public parks and recreation centers to play with their friends.

Besides the cost of living however, the biggest con to the neighborhood is the general lack of decent shopping, dining and night life. Top universities for business to do much of anything, you will have to jump in your car or onto the tulleytown metro and go into maryland or closer to the center of the city. For those who work outside of the neighborhood (that’s most people, there aren’t many jobs close by), this isn’t a huge problem because you can shop on the way home from work. But if you intend to spend a night out on the town with friends, be prepared to call a cab to take you home.

It should surprise no one that a neighborhood named for a major university features some of the best schools and child care in the washington D.C. Area. If you want the best educational start for your young ones, georgetown day school is right nearby. On the other hand, if you are looking to advance your own academic credentials, the community’s namesake, american university, is just down the street, and its law school is even closer by. After all, what this area really needs is more lawyers.

Like many of the better neighborhoods in the nation’s capitol, AU park has an international flavor. Top universities europe while the japanese and swedish embassies have recently moved from the area, their essence lingers on. Unfortunately, so do the high prices of the local homes. While most were built before WWII, the vast majority have had plenty of renovations and updates that have driven the prices of many into the million dollar range. Still, if you can afford it, AU park is a charming neighborhood that would be a perfect place to live and raise a family.