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As expected, off-shore flow increased in strength overnight. It’s winder than yesterday in most santa ana wind prone areas, especially at higher elevations. The only spot in the coastal plain where significant winds (gusts at least 25 mph) have surfaced is in the oxnard plain. The breezy weather should continue through early tomorrow although wind speeds may decrease for a short time this afternoon. The winds should decrease noticeably by tomorrow afternoon. However, a complete end to the current off-shore flow pattern isn’t forecast till monday.

Thanks to the off-shore flow and accompanying, subsidence warming (sinking air motion), it’s modestly warmer today compared with yesterday. American college education thanks to the brisk, off-shore flow, 90 degree weather has reached the oxnard area today (one of the few areas showing a double digit increase in temperatures over yesterday).

Daytime temperatures should be about the same tomorrow although the off-shore should begin to weaken. That may allow for earlier ocean breezes that promotes some cooling by the coast (oxnard area my see a double digit fall in temperatures over today). A more general cooling trend should occur by sunday when a marginal, on-shore flow may set up. American university student jobs temperatures, however, should still be warmer than normal that day.

A "monsoon" moisture incursion is still predicted for southern california this weekend. A weak, upper low pressure has developed west of the southland. Southerly winds on the eastern flank of the low pressure will import some upper level moisture from central mexico. This is rather unusual for this late in the year, but the moisture incursion isn’t expected to be that significant. The chief region that could be affected by showers and a few thunderstorms should be the desert near the eastern state border (intermittently late saturday through early monday). Isolated showers and maybe a brief-lived thunderstorm could occur sunday afternoon in the southland mountains (ventura county eastward and southward), but for the most part, only afternoon cloud build-ups are forecast (likely won’t have widespread, deep instability). Some mid/high clouds are expected west of the mountains, but it shouldn’t be any worse than partly cloudy for a time.

Marine layer clouds are forecast to return to the inner coastal waters late sunday or monday. It’s unclear if a well defined, marine layer will form, but widespread, low clouds are possible for the coastal plain monday night or tuesday (possibly wednesday as well). Au university such a pattern should promote seasonable or slightly cooler than normal weather early next week (tuesday should be the coolest day).

The longer range models continue to favor a new, off-shore flow late next week. Most forecast a high pressure strong enough to promote widespread 90 degree weather next friday (including the campus area). Some isolated, triple digit heat is a possibility, but it’s not being explicitly forecast by any numerical model today. Of course, the models may still back away from the 90 degree scenario, but I’m confident in warmer than normal weather for late next week and the subsequent weekend. Cooler weather would follow, but for now, it’s unclear whether a return to seasonable temperatures will occur by halloween.