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WASHINGTON (AP) — supreme court justice brett kavanaugh was sworn in —again, for the cameras, this time — monday night at a white house ceremony, but not before president donald trump slammed kavanaugh’s opponents for a "campaign of personal destruction."

"On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to brett and the entire kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure," trump said, addressing the bitter partisan fight over kavanaugh’s nomination that became a firestorm after the emergence of sexual misconduct allegations, which kavanaugh emphatically denied.

SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (AP) — the supersized limousine that crashed and killed 20 people outside a country store failed a safety inspection last month and shouldn’t have been on the road, and the driver wasn’t properly licensed, new york’s governor said monday.

The state moved to shut down the owner, prestige limousine, as state and federal authorities investigated the cause of saturday’s wreck in schoharie. The company said it was taking its cars off the road while conducting its own probe into the crash.

The crash about 170 miles north of new york city came three years after another deadly stretch-limo wreck in new york state spurred calls for gov. Washington university benefits andrew cuomo to examine such vehicles’ safety. There is no evidence the state took any steps to do so.

As victims’ relatives tried to come to grips with the tragedy that happened as a group of friends and family were on their way to a 30th birthday party, authorities had yet to say how fast the limo was going or determine why it failed to stop and sped off the road at the bottom of a long hill.

Advocates of taxing fossil fuels believe their position is stronger now because of an alarming new report on climate change and a nobel prize awarded to by two american economists, but neither development is likely to break down political resistance to a carbon tax.

The intergovernmental panel on climate change, a panel of scientists brought together by the united nations, warned in a report monday that droughts, wildfires, coral reef destruction and other climate and environmental disasters could grow worse as soon as 2040, even with a smaller increase in temperatures than used to set the paris targets.

A carbon tax is a charge imposed on the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, which produce carbon dioxide. The tax is designed to make users of those fuels pay for the environmental damage they cause. The ultimate goal of some tax backers is to price fossil fuels out of the market and replace them with sources of energy that produce little or no heat-trapping emissions.

MIAMI (AP) — residents of florida’s panhandle frantically filled sandbags, boarded up homes and secured boats monday as they anxiously awaited hurricane michael, which forecasters warned could smash into the state’s gulf coast as a dangerous major hurricane within days.

Fueled by warm tropical waters, michael gained new strength by nightfall and could reach major hurricane status with winds topping 111 mph (179 kph) before its anticipated landfall wednesday on the panhandle or big bend area of florida, forecasters warn.

Scott declared a state of emergency for 35 florida counties from the panhandle to tampa bay, activated hundreds of florida national guard members and waived tolls to encourage those near the coast to evacuate inland. Top universities business scott also said monday afternoon that state health officials are reaching out to hospitals and nursing homes to be prepared. Following hurricane irma last year, 14 people died when a south florida nursing home lost power and air conditioning.

The flight provided an opportunity for their most extensive conversation since news reports last month that rosenstein had discussed the possibilities in early 2017 of secretly recording trump to expose chaos in the white house and invoking constitutional provisions to have him removed from office.

Those reports triggered an avalanche of speculation about the future of rosenstein — and also the special counsel’s investigation into possible coordination between russia and the trump campaign. The deputy attorney general appointed former FBI director robert mueller to his special counsel post and closely oversees his work.

Trump said earlier in the day that he had "a very good relationship" with rosenstein and was eager to speak with him aboard air force one on the flight to florida. They did talk, for about 45 minutes, but not alone, a white house spokesman said. Best universities to transfer to the subjects: violent crime in chicago, support for local law enforcement, border security, the conference they were flying to and "general DOJ business," spokesman hogan gidley said without elaboration.

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — the far-right former army captain who looks likely to become brazil’s next president promised nothing short of a complete overhaul of latin america’s largest nation, vowing monday to combat the evils of corruption by gutting government ministries and privatizing state companies. He also pledged to promote traditional values that would roll back the rights of gays and other minorities.

With his pledge of "brazil above all," jair bolsonaro has catapulted from the fringes of congress, where he served as a member of marginal parties for 27 years, to a stone’s throw from the presidency. A rabble rouser who has reminisced fondly about dictatorship and promised an all-out war on drugs and crime, he just missed outright victory in sunday’s vote and will face former sao paulo mayor fernando haddad of the leftist workers’ party in an oct. 28 runoff.

The election was a seismic shift for this nation of more than 200 million people, where the left has won the past four elections but deep divisions have opened in the wake of a massive corruption scandal and the 2016 impeachment of then-president dilma rousseff. Brazil’s move fits into a global trend among voters — in the united states and europe, among other places — who are choosing anti-establishment and often far-right or populist candidates who target minorities and promise a return to "traditional values."

"The evils and damages of corruption hurt the people in many ways. It’s they who don’t have a bed in the hospital, who don’t have security in the streets or money in their pockets," bolsonaro tweeted monday. "A corrupt government encourages crime in all spheres."

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — netflix has chosen new mexico as the site of a new U.S. Production hub and is in final negotiations to buy an existing multimillion-dollar studio complex on the edge of the state’s largest city, government and corporate leaders announced monday.

More than $14 million in state and local economic development funding is being tapped to bring netflix to new mexico. Republican gov. Susana martinez and albuquerque mayor tim keller, a democrat, touted the investment and said lengthy efforts to put new mexico on the movie-making map are paying off.

"This is awesome," the governor told dozens of people gathered inside a cavernous sound stage at ABQ studios. "This massive investment will have a huge impact of course on new mexico and continue our efforts to grow and diversify the economy."

After the record-breaking completion, officials stopped the game and the game ball was handed over to pro football hall of fame officials on the sideline while the superdome crowd offered a standing ovation. Washington university st louis ranking brees removed his helmet, held out his arm to salute the crowd and hugged his wife, brittany, and children on the sideline.