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Welcome to the home page of the st. Louis section of ASCE. The section actually encompasses the eastern half of missouri and five illinois counties immediately to the east of st. University rankings world louis, serving over 1100 members and five area student chapters.

We support local future and current civil engineers (architectural; coasts, oceans, ports and rivers; construction; environmental and water resources; geotechnical; structural; transportation) in their chosen fields to make missouri, the country, and the world a better and safer place to live.

Proposition D is a state referendum to fund state law enforcement and maintenance for highways, bridges, roads and streets. If passed, prop D will increase the motor fuel tax by 10 cents per gallon phased in over 4 years (2.5 cents per year) to pay for these improvements.

We encourage everyone to research proposition D further to see how this investment in our infrastructure could provide benefit not only civil engineers but our region as a whole. With that in mind, ASCE has contributed to the campaign supporting and has formally endorsed proposition D.

Do engineers really know everything? Put together a team and come find out at the younger member group’s annual trivia night october 27th. Click here for the flyer. Can’t make it? Consider these sponsorship opportunities. Want to get more out of ASCE?

The southern illinois university edwardsville mentor program provides an opportunity for student and professionals to connect in positive one-on-one mentoring relationships. American public university system through the program, professionals can enhance the quality of a currrent student’s academic experience by interacting, exchanging ideas, and sharing their career experiences and knowledge with future SIUE graduates.

Every family and business needs infrastructure to thrive– from your road to work, to your internet, to the pipes bringing clean water to your house. In a new app format, the american society of civil engineers’ 2017 report card for america’s infrastructure puts the most comprehensive and clear reference available on america’s infrastructure in your pocket. Complete with videos, state profiles, and interactive content, this app shows how your state’s infrastructure is doing and what needs attention. Share how america can raise the grades along with any part of the app with friends, coworkers, linkedin groups, or even your elected officials. Download the report card at www.Infrastructurereportcard.Org.

As the season changes from summer to fall, your executive board of the ASCE st. Louis section goes through some changes as well. It is with great humility and excitement that I begin my term as president of the section, and attempt to carry on the tradition of trying to make an already great section even greater. American university mpa I’d like to thank matt harper for his leadership as president, and acknowledge mike buechter, who for the first time in 10 years, will not be on the executive board. The long-time commitment and dedication to ASCE demonstrated by both of these gentlemen is greatly appreciated by all of those who have served on the board with them.

There are many things to be proud of here in the st. Louis section, as we recently held our annual golf outing which raises money to help fund scholarships to students from all five of our regional universities. Additionally, the younger members group recently hosted area students to the “ASCE meet a professional luncheon” where the students were paired with a civil engineer working in a field of similar interest (i.E. Geotechnical, structural, etc.) as a means for the students to learn more about a career in that field. These successful events, and the past year’s achievements of students and professionals in civil engineering, were acknowledged at our annual dinner on september 22, held at the jefferson room at moulin.

Although we have many great things going for us in the section, and we are highly regarded on a national ASCE level as well, we can always be better. We currently have two committee positions open – membership champion and diversity and inclusion chair – and I encourage anyone who might be interested in getting more involved in ASCE to contact me or another board member to learn more about these positions. Also, we have not always done the best job at making our monthly meetings a worthwhile event for our members, as evidenced by low attendance at many of these meetings. I am very interested and motivated in working with all of our members, and in particular our program chair, to do what we can to make the luncheons and your membership overall, more valuable. American university tuition I strongly encourage anyone to contact me with your suggestions, new ideas, and even complaints on how we’re doing.

I look forward to an event-filled year in ASCE, and hope to meet as many of our members and regional student members as possible over the next year. Please take advantage of all the things that your section has to offer, and feel free to reach out to me at any time.