Battle ground church seeks to demystify islam with event news west la college library

Those looking to learn more about islam will have a chance later this month as the battle ground community united methodist church will host a panel and question-and-answer discussion march 23 in order to help demystify the religion.

The event will feature local members of the islamic community providing a high-level overview of islamic beliefs before going into a question-and-answer session for the rest of the time. The event came to be through coordination with church pastor susan boegli and the islamic society of southwest washington, a mosque in hazel dell.

The decision to have the event was in part spurred by a visit the church’s confirmation class had at the islamic society. The group had visited houses of worship for several different religions, part of the confirmation process of letting individuals make a conscious decision about what religion they wish to follow, methodist or otherwise.Boegli said

It was the visit to the islamic society that drew the most buzz from the church, as boegli said there were more adults than youth undertaking confirmation for that trip. Initially only planned for 40 minutes, the trip took two-and-a-half hours she added, commenting on the wealth of understanding she gained from the experience.

“I thought, ‘wow, wouldn’t this be great if we offered it to the whole congregation?’” boegli remarked, adding that she didn’t stop there and wanted the whole community invited, churchgoers or not.

Shirin elkoshairi, recently-elected president of the islamic society of southwest washington, gave a presentation at the church’s visit and will also be speaking at the march 23 event. Boegli said that elkoshairi’s talk on things such as sharia law helped to demystify the belief — initially she believed the law was more punitive and violent, similar to the litany of laws found in the old testament that often go ignored, though through elkoshairi’s presentation, boegli said the more faithful aspects of sharia were highlighted.Islamic society southwest

Born and raised in virginia by egyptian parents, elkoshairi commented on the different times attention was placed on the muslim community, beginning first in his lifetime with the iranian islamic revolution and especially the september 11 terror attacks in new york.

Elkoshairi stressed that american muslims were more concerned with the everyday issues americans face — getting kids through college, paying bills, etc. — than any sort of cultural takeover of the country.

There’s nothing mysterious about islam. It contains much of the old testament, in truncated, embellished or altered versions. But where islam differs from christianity it does so in a major way; did the speaker tell his audience that muslims do not believe in the death on the cross and resurrection of christ?Boegli said did he tell them that they are destined for the eternal torture unless they become muslim? Did he clarify or leave out the differences between the schools of sunni islam? If there is any confusion about islam this is where it lies. In other words, did he make a good case, poor case or no case about the validity of the main claim terrorists make: it is the duty of muslims to wage jihad until there is no one who is not a muslim or who, at least, has accepted subjugation and humiliation under muslim rule?