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“I enjoyed playing soccer while I was homeschooled, and I miss planning out my own curriculum while scheduling my own lessons,” Sue said. “However, private school for the last seven years has made getting involved much more accessible. I’ve enjoyed starting a new club, playing soccer, and helping create pages for the yearbook. I also feel like you get more one on one help if you’re struggling with your school work.”

Homeschooling provides students the ability to move at their own pace of learning with individually chosen curriculum while still actively exploring areas of interest, like hiking, welding, or caring for children. They often utilize more free time to land a job, build savings and pursue mentor relationships in the real world.

Private school provides a small community devoted to helping students succeed through leadership, clubs and sports with intentional teachers investing through mentoring and tutoring.

Their sports teams often play in lower divisions making it possible for anyone at any stage of learning to join.

“Having full control of my schedule meant I was able to be more relaxed and had more free time to work and pursue other interests,” Wood said. “I held a job, played soccer, joined church choir and performed in community theater. I feel confident that I’m academically at the same level as those who went to a traditional school. The only thing I feel like I missed out on were some school activities like dances, theater clubs, and higher quality sports teams. college level education It’s a lot harder to get involved in some of those as a homeschooler because it’s not as easy as signing up at school any day.”

“While I was homeschooled, I grew a lot closer with my family,” Weimer said. “I spent more time with them and really built relationships whereas while going to private school, I spend more time with my friends and focus on building those relationships. I’ve enjoyed joining the great choir here at Fresno Christian but miss staying home in my pajamas while finishing my school work.”

“Our school offers a variety of programs, including athletics, arts, publications, leadership, and several music opportunities,” Deffenbacher said. “We try really hard to make sure students are able to participate in as many of those as they want, all programs try to work together to make schedules possible. Stereotypically homeschool may have been isolating but as of late I know homeschool groups are much better at networking with one another.”

Some private schools now offer a multi-schooling option. Homeschool students partially enroll in just a few classes on campus and participate in sports. Providing homeschoolers the opportunity to join any sport they desire, socialize with local students, and form relationships through team bonding.

“So really homeschoolers are just missing some of the daily comradery of being in publications class learning and acting on it with peers and then participating in other extracurriculars along with those same people,” Deffenbacher continued. “Although now there are many opportunities around town that provide those same experiences for homeschoolers.”

The peer interaction provided daily within a private school provides academic and social challenges actively encouraging personal growth. level of education and income The established programs and cooperative staff allow for countless hours of involvement and varied exposure.

With so many schooling opportunities available it often comes down to which will best suit a child and her family’s specific situation. There does not seem to be a right or wrong when it comes to receiving your education. There are varied benefits to private, public and home schooling so it comes down to figuring what will best engage and enthrall a child with her education.

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