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William “Bill” Eugene Edwards was born on the 4th of July 1955 in Shenandoah to Bill and Arlene Edwards. level 3 higher education The youngest of four children, known as Billy in his youth, he grew up 3.5 miles southeast of Coin on a farm. Billy grew up riding his ponies and dreaming of being a cowboy. In the meantime Bill would enjoy his school years riding motorcycles in the country and becoming a decorated athlete in South Page School. Bill held track and field records for 20+ years with his relay team members in the 4×110 yard relay, 4×440 yard relay, and the Mile medley relay (a record which would be broken 23 years later by his son, Mark-making him a proud father). In an era of high school sports where the 3-point shot was not counted as such, Bill was known to be a consistent shooter from that range. He would always follow his shot and was hustler through and through, always looking for the fast break-a trait which would characterize him for his whole life.

Though only playing football in grade 12, he racked up considerable yards as a running back, his speed and hustle once again paying off for the team.

Just two years after graduating, Bill would marry his high school sweetheart Diane Davison on Nov. 30 1974. Bill and Diane would build a house just a mile down the road from his parents in rural Coin, a place he would refer to as Paradise just days before his passing. They would turn that house into a home through the birth of their four children: Mark, Jennifer, Kari, and Cole. what is the highest level of education you have achieved Bill and Diane immensely enjoyed the school years of their children, attending all sporting events and being an active part of the South Page School District. During this time Bill would occasionally compete as a calf roper at local rodeos. But in 1996, at just over 40 years of age, Bill’s dream to rope calves at a more competitive level was just beginning. With his youngest child at 12 years of age and the oldest at 18, all four kids caught the rodeo bug. From 1996 through the early 2000’s, the Edwards clan would be five strong entering up to 50 rodeos a year through this time, competing in the tie-down calf roping and breakaway roping. Bill and his four kids would win a numerable amount of awards consisting of saddles, belt buckles, breast collars, halters and more. Bill was always so very proud to see his children excelling at something that brought him such joy. is btec level 3 higher education Bill would win his most decorated award as the IRCA Finals Champion in 2009-riding his favorite horse Prico-an animal he cherished.

The horses that led them to excel in the rodeo world were exclusively owned and trained by Bill himself. Drawing from his experience with horses as a child, his rugged individualism, and determination to succeed, Bill would train some of the finest calf roping horses in the area, using them to compete on and selling several of them for substantial amounts.

To support his family through the years, Bill would establish a successful career as a brick layer. Bill became a prominent figure for 30+ years in the construction industry in southwest Iowa and the surrounding area. Edwards Masonry, with Bill as the owner (and hardest worker on the crew) would build a reputation of quality, speed, and reliability. Among his notable accomplishments are the brick wall on the northwest side of the square in Clarinda, a similar wall in downtown Red Oak, and many Hardees’ restaurants and like chain stores spanning from California to Rhode Island. He led his crew by example. One of his notable employees is quoted as saying, “Bill would never ask you to do anything he wasn’t willing to do himself.” Though he was not a flawless human being, it can certainly be said that he exemplified servant leadership in his business-a quality taught and personified in the Lord Jesus Himself. highest education level completed In his last year, with the physical labor taking its toll on his body, Bill would enjoy a career traveling the country as a truck driver-always enjoying a “quick stop” along the way.

Bill made a decision to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was unashamed to be baptized in His Name in the early 2000s. This happened in the wake of a spiritual awakening in his family that resulted in the salvation of his entire immediate family. He loved good old time Gospel songs-he identified with the line in “Amazing Grace” that says “saved a wretch like me…” This line would reveal the unique tenderness in him, and often bring him to tears.

Bill carried himself with a quiet confidence-never bragging or drawing attention to his accomplishments. He had a tenderness about him observed and recognized by those closest to him. Bill was a very strong, capable man and was the hero to his kids as they grew up-a blessing that every child should have the privilege of experiencing. His sons sought to emulate the positive qualities he possessed and cherished his approval and loved seeing the proud look on his face for a job or performance well done. His daughters would do the same, and would seek and find men with those similar qualities.

Though his life was tragically cut short, Bill would enjoy his few years as a grandfather to a precious bunch of grandchildren. He was very proud to see his eldest grandson Gabriel rope a calf in 1.8 seconds on Drifter-a horse he (Bill) trained. He saw a wonderful glimpse of the legacy he and Diane created together, then left this world and drifted off into eternity.