Bootlegging, tap dancing and flappers come to sharpsville area high school local news west la college high school program

Set in 1927, the musical “nice work if you can get it” tells the story of playboy millionaire jimmy winters, who is entering into his fourth marriage when he falls in love with a bootlegger named billie bendix. There are also plenty of song and dance numbers with music by george gershwin, although the show itself is making its local debut in sharpsville, director eileen ference said.

“it was on broadway back in 2013, so we’re the first school in the area to show it,” eileen said. “they took a lot of gershwin music from other shows and used it to create a new show, so even though it’s old music, the writing is a lot more recent.”

Some of the songs in “nice work” are also distinctive for their length, clocking in at around five minutes instead of the usual two or three minutes, said senior caleana smith, 18, who plays a dancer named jeannie.Reisinger said

For senior drew ference, 17, who must perform two song and dance numbers in one scene back to back, the length wasn’t the only difficult part of rehearsals.

Other roles are less dance-oriented and provide more comic relief, such as the character of dutchess estonia, played by senior gillian demofont, 17. With 400 cases of gin hidden in winters’ home, the prohibitionist estonia spends the musical trying to find it, a role that demofont said was just as much fun to play as it will be for audiences to watch.

With practice every monday through friday after school until 6 p.M. And set building on saturdays since january, eileen said she’s proud of the work the students put into preparing for the show, especially the seniors who are making the transition into young adults.Reisinger said

“what impresses me the most is these students is they’re here until six every night, and they have jobs or studies, and they’re filling out college applications, so I’m very proud of all of them,” eileen said.

Instead of one musical, the students will be performing “on broadway: A musical revue,” which will feature song and dance numbers from multiple shows. A loose plot ties the performances together, as the show asks the questions of what makes a musical entertaining and what it takes to perform a musical, director alexis reisinger said.

“we tried to include a portion of golden age musical theater from shows like ‘annie,’ ‘the sound of music’,’ ‘fiddler on the roof,’ and ‘cinderella,’ but also some newer stuff like ‘wicked,’ ‘in the heights,’ and ‘rent,’” reisinger said.Dance numbers

However, there was also a snag —instead of preparing over the course of about five months, the show had to be ready for the stage in less than two, reisinger said.

“initially there wasn’t going to be a musical because they had no music director,” reisinger said. “I was hired on feb. 1, and it was too late to buy an actual musical, but I wanted to make sure the students still had the opportunity to perform.”

Sophomore and cast member david grante, 18, said the most difficult part about this show in particular was the “time crunch” the students had to work in.

Since the revue showcases songs from different shows, most of the cast has to play multiple roles. This required the actors and actresses to change costumes quickly in between scenes and to prepare for the next song, senior hope pursel, 18, said.Eileen said

“I play characters like cinderella, mrs. Honey and elphaba. Everybody plays a few characters, but mine are at least similar, because I have all the cheerful people,” pursel said.

The main character of the show, “nick,” played by senior michael zrile, 18, serves as a stand-in for the audience as someone who wants to learn about musicals.

However, the hard work involved made the show’s message especially important to the cast and crew, which freshman cast member lauren kuncio, 15, said she hopes the audience notices throughout the performances.

The show “nice work if you can get it” premiered at 7 p.M. Friday, and will also be shown 7 p.M. Saturday and 2 p.M. Sunday at sharpsville area high school. Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults, and can be purchased at the door.Dance numbers

The show “on broadway: A musical revue” will premiere at 7:30 p.M. Saturday and 3 p.M. Sunday at the west middlesex jr. Sr. High school. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door.