Brett kavanaugh incel hero we hunted the mammoth educational inspirational quotes for students

Yesterday, in an interview with fox news, asshole supreme court nominee and alleged serial sexual assaulter brett kavanaugh offered a new defense to the accusations piling up around him: he can’t possibly be the monster he now appears to be because, he says, “I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter.”

Never mind that neither of he two women who have come forward publicly to accuse kavanaugh of sexual misconduct have accused him of rape; one has alleged attempted rape, the other has accused him of shoving his penis in her face. Never mind that he could just be flat-out lying about the virginity thing;; given his history as a liar, I’m assuming he is.

Other incels.Me commenters lashed out at those pointing out, on twitter and elsewhere, that frustrated male virgins can in fact be dangers to women.

Unfortunately, most of the incels.Me commenters taking this tack didn’t exactly do much to counteract the widespread perception that those who label themselves “involuntarily celibate” are often boiling pots of rage.

I think his strategy now is to say, “I was a good beta male; I waited my turn all those years while alphas were having sex all around me, so I should get credit for that!” but they won’t give him credit for it. They’re going to treat him like a sexual aggressor rather than patting him on the head and saying, “good boy,” as he was expecting. It’s probably going to severely mindfuck him for awhile by destroying his bluepilled conception of how the world works.

He probably believed that he was being smarter and more virtuous than other guys by waiting till he was 39, and then getting with a 29-year-old chick who had fucked enough badboys to be able to contrast them with him and appreciate his willingness to commit to her. He thought, “see, all through college I ignored those stupid young girls, who didn’t see the value I offered; and now I get the reward of marrying this older chick who’s wise and mature enough to love me for who I am.”

Yup, it NEVER ends. The fairytale bullshit about women having a change of heart and falling in love with “the good guys” and “nerds” is such rage inducing crap. Those women never stop lusting over handsome bad boys or studs ever, and they continue to be disgusted your kind. Inspirational quotes for graduation day given a moment’s notice they will cheat on your behind your back. Inspirational quotes for engineering students they have no respect for you.

I love (actually, no) how they constantly talk about girls who didn’t want to open their legs to him as though somehow that was a criminal act. If a girl doesn’t want to sleep with a boy, then the boy has a couple of options: find a way to convince her. Be nice, show her a good time, treat her with respect and dignity, and give her a reason to want to be with you. Or – go away quietly and leave her alone. It’s her body, it’s her right to do with it as she pleases, and if she doesn’t want to give it to the most perfect human being in the world (yeah, right), that’s her prerogative.

Funny thing these people don’t realize. Having sex is not an absolute requirement to have a happy and fulfilled life. I was incel myself for many years, and I wrote. I cooked. I went to work. I got an advanced degree in the hard sciences. Meanwhile, I treated the men I encountered as equal human beings, entitled to the same amount of dignity and respect that I demanded (but rarely received from men) for myself.

Oh, wait, I’m a woman, right? Sorry, I forgot. I spent all my time in my teens and twenties having sex with one chad after another, until finally, once I had “hit the wall”, I found a man who was foolish enough to marry me, in spite of my roast beef genitals. Inspirational quotes for graduating seniors from parents then I sat around while he did all the work, hunted the mammoth, built the log cabin with his bare hands, and invented the wheel. I ate bon bons (what are those, by the way?) and watched soap operas. I flirted with all the service guys that came through the house, and cucked my loyal mate every chance I got.