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The “protein myth” because of the mistaken, yet almost ubiquitous, belief that humans actually “need” to eat animal protein to be healthy—a host of incredibly powerful, plant-based solutions to the world’s most serious health, hunger and sustainability crises never even make it to the table for consideration.

For this reason, I consider this “protein myth” to be the most serious obstacle in the history of humanity. Brown university undergraduate admissions address for if we cannot take the “animal out of the equation” when it comes to feeding humans, we will never learn to live in harmony with nature; thereby placing the future of our civilization (and even our species) in severe jeopardy.

What is your number? That is the title of a BSB (bite-size blog) about the 4leaf survey: how to take it online, how to find the online report for your level and how to share it with others.

Take a look at our new 4leaf workshop presentation.

Our #1 sustainability problem: overpopulation. Want to clearly see what’s happened to the world’s population since the time of christ? Watch this 5-minute video as it traces human population from a few million to the 9 billion projected by 2050. Each yellow dot represents one million humans, and by the year 2000, it looks like the entire world is “on fire” as our we add almost 3 billion people during the last five seconds (from 2000 to 2050).

World population, having tripled during my lifetime, stands at 7.60 billion, as of 2-7-18, and still adding a net 230,000 new mouths to feed every single day. See dynamic world population in real time. The U.N. Projects we’ll have ten billion people by 2056.


And he has a new 2015 book, co-authored with practicing doctor, kerry graff, MD, “4leaf guide to vibrant health, using the power of food to heal ourselves and our planet.” get copies for your friends and medical personnel – I just bought four copies as a starter. 37 short powerful chapters that tells you why and then how!

And I have been at learning, applying and educating “healthy lifestyle” here in my community of santa maria CA for the last 13 years, after participating in dr. John mcdougall’s TOTAL HEALTH SOLUTION 10-day clinic in 2003. My latest effort resulted in consolidating my guidance to our hospital’s dietitians and administrators in an on-line file http://tinyurl.Com/ksnutrition…

We are excited to announce that the official plantpure pod sign-ups are beginning on our website. The process is very simple; just visit our website at http://www.Plantpurepods.Com, click on ‘join’ in the top right-hand corner and follow the instructions.We are in the process of starting hundreds of pods, so hopefully your city already has one established that you can join. If not, then you are welcome to join an online “virtual pod” and still enjoy all the benefits of being in a plantpure pod. If you are interested in starting a pod (if one does not already exist), and are willing to be the facilitator for the pod, then simply click on the tab ‘be a facilitator’ and follow the simple steps.

A community wall, private messaging, the ability to upload photos and videos, a calendar and functionality for social event planning, a list of community resources, a recipe database, and access to the video-based content stream of plantpure TV

I had to laugh when you said in your talk that if president clinton had come out as vegan while he was president he would have been impeached. The reason for my mirth was based on my own experience this august when I said to my high school biology classes that they shouldn’t drink milk. Holy cow! I can talk about evolution and global climate change and not get the same response that I got from that comment. I have had more parent complaints this year than in the previous 15 years of my teaching. I have finally found a way to engage my students (9th graders) in meaningful conversation about the age old question “when an I ever going to use this after I graduate?” while the complaints continue, many more students are starting to wonder aloud why our culture continues to promote things when they seem to be unhealthy. I believe that this is the first step toward meaningful change. Thanks for providing the facts and resources to back up the claims of the benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet.

This is not new. "The diet for all reasons" (vegan) was presented by dr. Michael klaper in a booklet and a video in ’87 – ’92. Dr. Brown university home page klaper is at "true north" clinic in santa rosa now, and had conducted research for years on the benefits and cautions regarding plant-based nutrition. Add him to your support team. Of course, john robbins "diet for a new america" book and video identified all the problems and all the solutions back then, too. What city is brown university in he is still around and can help you.

Add dr. John mcdougall to the big support effort in teaching "total health solution." he and his nurse wife mary have ~ 35 years of teaching healthy lifestyle medicine. This is about much more than food! His website drmcdougall.Com provides free health education. Have dr. McDougall update his 2001 pamphlet "transform your health in 12 days" and get that available to the public. In ten pages he provides the education and implementation material. In the last 10 pages he covers many of the chronic diseases that are treated – without medical treatments! (my family of four participated in his clinic 9 years ago and have been very healthy on a vegan diet. I conduct free "healthy lifestyle education, application and support" meetings to help others learn in my area — such education is not offered by the "sickness" industries!)

Get dr. Esselstyn’s new DVD on "prevent and reverse heart disease"! To go viral on the internet!!! He has over 25 years of success in helping seriously ill heart patients survive and thrive on a strict plant-based diet, emphasizing consuming much more of the leafy greens to heal the blood circulation system.