brown university architecture Flora from malawi cure

“when I saw what happened I was very upset, and I had some questions as to what has happened to my daughter flora. I thought, this is the work of the devil, so I said to god, “if this is the work of the devil, may you take control, since I’m very young compared to you. I cannot handle it, so I need you to help me.” so I’ve left everything in the hands of god,” says liness, flora’s mother.

“one day in 2011 as flora was going to our neighbor’s house, she fell down. Later in the day, she went with me to the stream to get some water and I saw that she was not walking properly. That’s when she told me about how she fell. We went back home, but she was still complaining that she was in pain. Brown university football we slept that night, and in the morning she was still in pain.”

Liness continues, “we went to the hospital, and by then the whole leg was swollen.

At that hospital, they referred us to a district hospital because the case was too complicated. At the district hospital they said she needed an operation. When she went to the operating room and came back, they said outside the leg she looked fine, but it was injured inside. They made an incision on the top of the leg and removed the pus and blood. They were dressing the wounds, and they gave her injections morning, afternoon and evening. They continued doing that until the wound was much better, and they sent us home to continue dressings at our local hospital. All this happened in 2011. Nine months after the surgery, she was healed, and was able to go to school and to farm, and do everything at home.”

“however, this year I asked her how her leg felt with all the things she was doing. And she told me, ‘there’s pain inside again.’ I asked myself, “is she just overdoing things?” because she was drawing water and getting firewood and many other things. Later though, some wounds started to develop and the whole leg became swollen again. I took her back to the local hospital and they referred us again. The district hospital did an x-ray and told me, ‘your child has an injury, the bone is fractured and the pieces are stabbing the flesh. Brown university tuition 2016 17 that’s why wounds are developing. So we will give her medication to ease the pain, and you should come back on the 13th of june.’ I did as I was advised and I was seen by the CURE outreach clinic there, when I was given a date to come here.”

Flora had chronic osteomyelitis, otherwise known as an infection in the bone. It’s not known what causes this most of the time, but the infection would weaken the bone enough to cause fractures from just a simple fall. It also keeps the bone from healing back well. In the west we treat osteomyelitis with antibiotics before the bone becomes this infected, but unfortunately here in malawi the lack of resources and distance from hospitals often results in cases like flora’s. Now the infection has cleared, but the fracture is still there and is what causes the pain.

“my daughter is not able to go to school sometimes because of the pain. When she stands, the leg with the fracture sticks out. I thank god that the teachers are understanding. And also, some of her friends who knew her before she was injured are also helpful to her. They will help her do some things which the teachers ask her to do, for example, carrying 5 liters of sand to help develop the school,” liness says.

Liness told us, “from what I have seen, CURE malawi is very helpful. There is a boy in our village, who was unable to walk, but he was here, he has been assisted and now he can walk. Brown university admission rate and I believe my daughter will also get better. Help me pray for my daughter’s condition to improve, that it should not be like this again.”