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ISEA is a nonprofit organization that focuses on solar education and advocacy. Brown university academic schedule they provide solar resources to everyone: from homeowners interested in going solar, to professionals who are looking for more training opportunities, to legislators who want to know what solar is doing for their constituents. The funds from the tesla raffle go towards developing these resources and making them accessible for everyone.

ISEA has chosen to raffle a 2018 model X as their major annual fundraiser because tesla has been leading the charge towards greener, cleaner energy and transportation, from solar panels and battery storage to their now-diverse range of cars.

The organization has chosen this as their major annual fundraiser for the past few years because tesla has been leading the charge for years toward greener energy and transportation, from solar panels and battery storage to their now-diverse range of cars.

They chose the model X in particular because it is one of the very first all-electric suvs, and also the winner of numerous awards. Brown university massachusetts the tesla model X won the american automobile association’s top green vehicle overall for 2017, forbes’ best vehicle of the year for 2017, and a guinness world record for towing a 287,000 pound boeing 787-9 airplane almost 1,000 feet. And now it’s time for you to enter to win a tesla of your own.

Past winners have all shared both an enthusiasm for decreasing their overall environmental impact, as well as a love for cool cars. “I entered the raffle because I wanted to support the solar industry in illinois. It was a good cause and I figured it would come back to me in one way or another (less pollution, maybe a cool car),”says the 2015 winner of a tesla model S.

Once he did win, his initial test drive of the model S proved that the car was everything it claimed to be. “I test drove the car and got to test the autopilot software on the highway, which was amazing. Brown university official website it is a great car, very quiet and very fun to drive.”

The winner of the model X in 2017 has been a life-long clean energy advocate, starting when his father tried to explain when he was young that the haze and pollution seen around their city was from automobile pollution. Brown university restaurants the memory of this spurred the winner to pursue a career in solar, and to support clean energy by purchasing raffle tickets. And now he says he’s excited to plug in an EV at a location powered by solar – you can get where you need to go without generating any harmful greenhouse gases!

You can enter now to win the tesla model X: this contest runs until november 29, 2018 and the winning ticket will be drawn on december 6, 2018. There are only 2,500 tickets for sale, and ALL the tickets need to be sold in order to give away the car (the winner will get 50% of the ticket sales if the car is not raffled off). Find further details and contest rules here.

ISEA is 501c3 non-profit organization that represents over 600 clean energy advocates, including more than 150 businesses. Its mission is to educate and advocate for the widespread application of solar in illinois – ISEA advocates for strong renewable energy policies at both the state and federal levels. Your funds from the tesla raffle directly support ISEA’s work and helps to grown solar in the midwest.

About the author: nicola brown is the program associate at the illinois solar energy association. She loves being able to apply her english major brain towards promoting renewable energy and making the world a greener place by writing about solar news in illinois. Brown university facts catch her newsletters by signing up at www.Illinoissolar.Org!