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Twenty-year-old priscilla king is unsure about joining the amish church and wants to use her rumspringa freedom to paint beach landscapes. She’s been offered a two-month-long nanny position in siesta key, florida by an author on a tight writing deadline. The opportunities presented are more than a little tempting for priscilla, even if it means disappointing her parents and leaving her new boyfriend.

Stephen hertzler grew up in an amish family, but, like priscilla, he’s undecided about joining the church. He loves priscilla and wants to marry her, though he knows she’s not ready to decide about anything other than her summer plans. His biggest worry is that she’ll meet someone else in florida and forget him.

When priscilla’s parents sabotage her part-time job at a local fabric store to dissuade her from following a “worldly lifestyle” in taking the nanny position in florida, priscilla is distraught.

She knows she would regret not taking this chance. Leaving a note, she sneaks out in disobedience of her parents’ wishes.

Priscilla king and stephen hertzler are not sure they want to join their amish faith, no matter how much pressure their parents put on them to join. In fact priscilla felt so pressured she decided to leave for a trip to florida in the middle of the night. She had been offered a nanny job, working for two months keeping a young girl while her mom, who is a well known author, finishes her book deadline. Priscilla had ask permission from her parents and they gave her a firm no. As well as telling the store owner priscilla worked for at the time that she would no longer be available to work. Brown university requirements and, as if that wasn’t enough, her dad ban her from her painting for several months in order to focus on the baptism classes. So no wonder the poor girl took off to florida without telling anyone.

Priscilla’s escape is about an old order amish community in which her dad is the bishop. I like and appreciate the way ms. Carver describes the way this community or amish lays out their rules to live by. And the importance of young people joining the amish faith as their parents did at their age. But the bishop was putting a little bit too much pressure on his daughter causing her to flee. I wonder how many amish in real life do this same thing? Or do their parents give them the choice of making that decision themselves. So many of the amish books I have read have displayed fathers to be these really harsh and down right mean people. But I’m glad for the way thisbook ended. The decisions made were fair, and the outcome, which was the end of the book was a pleasant ending to read. And it left me thinking, “now that’s the way it should be between parents and their children.”

If you enjoy amish stories, you will enjoy this one. Brown university massachusetts I encourage you to pick up a copy and read it for a few hours of enjoyment and entertainment! A copy of this book was provided by celebration lit tours and the author for me to read and review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.

Diane grew up on a farm outside findlay, ohio, and she often acted out characters from her own stories in the backyard. In high school diane would read during classes and hide a novel in front of her in a propped-up textbook. After her high school graduation, she attended ohio state university. Then diane became a schoolteacher and play director. She met her husband while teaching at an orphanage, and they married three years later. It took her that long to convince him she was the one for him! While raising their family in southwestern ohio, diane started writing nonfiction and was published. Later she decided it would be a nice escape to write fiction. Diane was blessed with five daughters and one son. Two daughters were born with down syndrome and live with diane and her husband. Their other children live close by in ohio so that’s wonderful. They also have four precious grandchildren. Diane published through a variety of houses. Several years ago, she decided to self-publish her books, so requested the rights back to her previously published stories. From the beginning, she enjoyed self-publishing her amish romances. Diane gives thanks to god daily for her many blessings. Guest post from diane

Priscilla’s escape is book 3 in the bishop’s daughters series. This story features priscilla king, and she is the fourth child born to amos and lillian king. Brown university football team you may remember meeting priscilla in my dreams of plain daughters series. After I finished writing this series, I decided to continue to write about the amish and english characters living in fields corner, ohio. They became family and real to me.

The king family have six children with only one son. That is like our craver family because we have five daughters and one son. Through the years, our family has faced certain challenges with two daughters being born with down syndrome. Although priscilla doesn’t have any siblings with special needs, she feels overlooked in her family. It’s like she’s invisible to her parents, especially to her father. He doesn’t understand her passion for painting but favors molly’s talent for quilting. Everyone needs a cheerleader in their corner at times, and priscilla is no different. Reviews of brown university fortunately, her new boyfriend, stephen, listens to her dream to paint beach pictures. He even understands her desire to wait to join the church.

All families suffer some type of hardships. It does seem like some more than others. A family’s faith in god gives them hope in their daily lives. Whatever the level of the pain, staying close to god and listening to his voice, gives us the strength to survive. The king family have their share of tragedies, but their faith reminds steadfast. When priscilla leaves their close-knit unit, they all reach out to her by letter and phone calls. Her siblings even tell their father that he needs to share his secret with priscilla.

I hope you will enjoy reading priscilla’s escape. There is a lot happening in the king family, so you can catch up with your favorite romantic couples in this novel. If you love going to the beach as much as I do, I think you’ll love reading about priscilla’s beach experiences – some are good, and others are not. Blog stops