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It’s been an amazing journey getting to where I am today. When I graduated high school in 2000, I had no idea my life would take me on this path. 2 weeks after graduation, I found myself on a flight to chicago to head to great lakes for navy boot camp. Brown university where overall, my navy career was amazing. I was trained to be a fire controlman working on the NATO sea sparrow missile system. The consummate boy job, I got to play with and shoot explosives! Not just bullets, but several millions of dollars going KABOOM!!! With the simple push of a button. I ended up falling out of love with that kind of stuff and was becoming jaded to the whole being away from home thing. My wife and kids were feeling it also. I was away from my son for the first few years of his life and it’s still hard trying to connect with him but we’re getting there.

A career in the military isn’t without its traumas, and I’ve been affected by it. I’ll go into that in a later post, though. After twelve fascinating years, several international ports, a lot of memories, and some really bizarre food experiences, I was let go because the navy needed to make personnel cuts. All my plans were shoved to the left by 8 years. Culinary school

I had determined that once I got out of the navy, I wanted to use my GI bill to go to culinary school and get a BS in food service management from johnson & wales university. That was all working out swimmingly until I actually got into a restaurant kitchen and discovered the absolute insanity that working as a line cook can be. I was in over my head. During the busiest shifts I would get so anxious I couldn’t read the tickets hanging on the rail. Luckily for me, I had an out. I was discovering how absolutely terrible I was as a line cook and that becoming a restaurant chef just wasn’t in the cards. At the same time, I was taking my intro to nutrition class. It was so fascinating and I was feeling down about getting into an industry that had crap for pay and terrible hours. The chance to get out and switch majors seemed like the obvious choice, so I went and switched to the nutrition BS program and never looked back. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. Brown university grants I discovered things I feel very passionately about and want to work on. Again, more on that in a future post. About the time I earned my BS in nutrition, cum laud, I was also doing volunteer work with cooking matters colorado. They’re a fantastic organization working to alleviate child hunger and raise awareness of food insecurity. They accomplish this by teaching courses in cooking skills, nutrition, and smarter shopping habits to communities with low food security or limited access to food. The experience teaching with them has been amazing and I want to do more to share my knowledge with people. And now…

With my degree in hand and an almost fruitless job search in a saturated job market, I find myself currently working as a school food service manager. I am “mr. Lunch lady”. It’s a truly rewarding experience knowing that I’m doing my part to ensure students are well fed and ready to learn. Perhaps I’ll work on a research review later talking about the impact hunger has on attention and academic performance. I hate how so many sources of information on nutrition portray food as “the bad guy” that it’s food’s fault that we’re not perfect. That’s not the case. However, the individual largely isn’t to blame either. Sometimes they are, but even more so is the lack of knowledge people have regarding nutrition. I am here to teach those willing to be taught. Food is not the enemy. You are not the enemy. Ignorance and misinformation are the enemy. I volunteer to be your champion in the battle against ignorance and misinformation. My goal

With so many varied sources on what to do and how to do it, the overload of information can be discouraging. Considering an alternate approach on improving health through behavior change, adventure, and fun, I will not to tell you what to do. Ever. I will make suggestions that you can follow, or not, it’s your choice ultimately. The point is, that I want you to approach nutrition within your comfort zone. I may suggest little excursions outside of it, but I want the experience to be comfortable and fun for everyone. “slow and low, that is the tempo”

Food should be an enjoyable experience. Brown university wiki nutrition should be something sought with eagerness. Frequently, this is not the case. I am here to change that perception. With that in mind, my theme for october is slow and low. I will focus on topics that help to ease us into a healthier lifestyle. Topics will be approached with comfort in mind as well as a love for and enjoyment of food. OH! And this is the most important part, I think. Never, ever, sacrifice food you enjoy eating. Restricting foods you enjoy is counterproductive.