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And infact i find that this five years, alot people have health issues mostly because they dont listen to their body. If only all can spend 10mins a day to follow my method to ground, breathing exercise that’s all. And discipline our life with , saying NO to some things.

Example, many newbies dont know omhealth is one man show and thats why is not possible for me to answer questions from phone or whatsapp and actually i have spent twenty years to upload information to the blog. So when newbies starts to flood me with questions and if I go all the way out to 100 messages a day, i will lost alot of my energy and u wont see me here le ahahha. Brown university cost of attendance so normally I will not reply as many know that answers is in blog. But i will slowly write articles to address ur issues in blog.

For example, if i concern what people say about me and i want to defend myself keep explaining…

Then i will not be able to go far. So if u continue to share in blog or facebook information, people will know ur handwork. Answers are all here, those who lazy to look for it… Brown university ny no one can help.

So today my birthday I wanna share with all, not that i dont reply ur messages but is impossible for me to reply one by one. But if u notice, i remember all ur questions and always share as group at www.Bryanverygoodluck.Blogspot.Com and this blog.

The higher energy talks about organization, self control in life and discipline, and the need to apply wisdom to our health and situations in life. At all time, have the word " harmony", "flow", release ego" and "love" u will sail thru stress easily or i say better than stress.

I hope everyone understand that omhealth for 20 years has serve the community thru blog but I cant do one to one advices. To reach more people i need to reserve my energy and also as i get older , i need to take care myself and my parents more.

In office do u speak with ego and always think u are better than others? Bring down ur ego and u will learn. For me , I still attend basic aromatherapy talk , because i knos some times words from new young therapist remind me of my passion too and align me back to track.

Open your heart and your voice to communicate the true essence of who you are. Take a bath with omhealth heaven and earth oil bring communications of emotion and understanding. Let us final rinse of this water reverberate through your being.

Back in 2000 workshop and classes are very popular, there are many good health therapist and I have a few friends who are famous herbalist and nutritionist used to go HDB and company to deliver useful workshop. But now they don’t, because they are challenged by big companies either spa or salon which go around to give free talks (but their talks accompany by wanting u to buy package or share very little) or they engage hospital to give free talks and end up the talks I can say is not much useful end up u still need to go see the doctor. I always share with my doctors friends, if u go to company give health talk, share more on tips, and don’t talk too much on ur service and also be more caring.

Spleen class at HAN TCM is my test on market awareness and interest in health. Such a good workshop that focus on digestive, health, immune system and everyone will experience an acupuncture but the attendees has dropped from 45 to 30 because 15 cant make it last minute and inform us 5 days before.

I am writing this today. U can see there are less and less natural therapist like me in singapore. Brown university tuition 2015 16 IF in future there are , do support them. In fact alot of times I can choose not to give workshops but I continue because of the passion to share. But again without PR in this media era…. People don’t really care about health until illness strikes.