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Two years since the brutal shooting of alex nicholas, a gambling underworld boss in queens, NYC. But his brother, michael, a respected CEO, struggles with a secret: his murdered brother has been communicating with him via his laptop using AI. How much does it cost to go to brown university this AI-alex can foresee dangers in michael’s path, and appears to be trying to help him – even controlling machinery and electronics via wifi. Meanwhile, trouble is stirring in the historic capital cities of rome, berlin and paris. Inside the vatican, monsignor kurt schlegelberger has designs to build his power and prepare for the sudden ascension of the free forces party, a throw-back to the nazis.

Schlegelberger will stop at nothing, but first he must deal with a new threat: someone appears to know the true story behind a series of murders in the US, committed by clergy to cover their tracks of child abuse within the church.

Alex’s re-appearance puts schlegelberger’s plans in jeopardy. Dead or alive, the way to finish off alex for good can only be to get to his close family, namely his brother michael…

Do we ever really know what really happens after death? Did alex really die or is he still alive somewhere? The author put us in to story as michael is wondering about this as he find out that his brother alex as somehow getting in touch with several of his ex-wives.

Sofia is reached out by her uncle but doe not really know for sure. Then she is kidnapped? Will she survive or is this a mad woman going to get her revenge on michael? Michael goes to his buddy a retired policeman. Whatever happens when they recruit a friend to save sofia? There seem to be more going on that someone once sindy steel gone?

What does the vatican want? There seems to be more of terrifying going on? Who is the free force party? Kurt seem to want more power then what he got. We got back to learn some history about the nazi occupation. Brown university student mailing address there are more action and twist as you turn the page.

The author takes you for a ride of a lifetime. Learn a bit about the vatican church. You also get to tour a bit of paris. What will happen to michael as he goes to hunt down the bad guys that murdered his to brothers. Alex is mentioned and talked to though out the book. What is AI? Is it real?

What does john goldstin want with michael? I know that once you start reading this book you will not want to put it down. It action packed. I do wish to that parent are aware that his is book has a lot of deaths in it. Tuition at brown university I would suggest this to be for children of ages 16 + with mature in it. Please know this is only what i suggest and the parents have the right to allow there children to read it if choose to or not.

I thought this book acted like a lot of my real world that going on around me. Though not at lot but you might remember 9/11 and think of how real that might be if or what really happen to malaysia plane that when down over the ocean. I know that fact or there but they may not be real in the story but sure feel that way when reading the book. Thank to the author I have enjoyed these books. I can not wait for more. Check out my review for death never sleeps and death logs in