brown university math 8 Great bookstores in cities around the country

Today is the official release date for my collection of short stories, training school for negro girls. About brown university it’s the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had since I was a girl. This week to help launch the book I’m reading in chicago, new york, philadelphia, and washington, DC, often at local bookstores. Bookstores were magical places for me as a girl and continue to be. The smell of the books and the quiet of dedicated book lovers buried in a new find always intoxicates me. So, where do I go when I’m looking for my next book fix? Here are 8 great bookstores in cities around the country (but truthfully every bookstore is a bit a heaven)… CHICAGO

One of my favorite bookstores in chicago, seminary co-op is member-owned and on the campus of the university of chicago in hyde park. The selection is varied and the staff is knowledgeable.

If they don’t have the book you need there or at their nearby sister location, 57th street books, they’ll happily order it for you. Also, the cafe just across the entryway makes it a great afternoon pit stop if you’re visiting chicago.

If you’re a vintage and used book hound, powell’s is for you. Peruse the fiction, check out the new art books, or pick up a book on chicago history, women’s studies, or film. Or buy books from all of those sections and stumble out drunk on a book high. Plus, powell’s buys books too if your shelves are a bit too cramped as it is. PHILADELPHIA

I’m a new resident of philadelphia (when I’m not living in new mexico for a teaching job, long story) and one of my first acts as a newbie was to find some bookstores. Problem solved with bindlestiff in west philly. The store is volunteer-run so hours vary as does stock when the volunteers haven’t sorted through everything yet but for a sweet afternoon of low-key book browsing, bindlestiff is a good choice.

A cafe with a bookstore is always the right move. Books and food? Yes, please. Uncle bobbie’s fits that bill in germantown. Brown university commencement 2014 black-owned and community centered, they have a packed events calendar with movie nights, story time for kids, and author talks (full disclosure, I’ll be one of those authors on october 15th). WASHINGTON DC

A favorite bookstore and also one of my favorite places in DC period. Busboys and poets started with just one location in DC’s U street corridor but has expanded across the metropolitan area. Come for the good food from morning until night and stay for the progressive and radical book selection. Brown university law school tuition plus, check out the cocktails and order a DC tapwater if you dare.

Probably the bookstore I frequented the most growing up, politics and prose is one of DC’s most venerable institutions. Politicians out with their latest book are almost guaranteed to make a stop at politics and prose (but don’t hold that against them). I’ve seen some of my favorite writers here including toni morrison. NEW YORK

This bookstore is in my old neighborhood in brooklyn and was a welcome addition to the block. Now, they have two locations so twice as many books. YES! Stop in to get a great new book recommendation and then wander the streets of ever-changing brooklyn.

Their slogan is home to 18 miles of books and when you step into their manhattan store that won’t feel like hyperbole. Find new titles, used volumes, and rare finds all lining their many, many shelves. Check out their events as well which are always sure to bring in the biggest names in writing.