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As anglers we are shaped by the waters we fish. Variety of experience combines with developing personal preference in determining how we grow as fly fishermen. No region of known angling opportunity exceeds yellowstone country in its ability to provide diversity. The henry’s fork alone offers more than fifty miles of varied water characteristics, and cannot be fully described strictly as a dry fly river. Numerous tributaries are available for exploration and discovery. Likewise there are trophy stillwaters that offer their own experience. Across the continental divide, less than an hour away flow the legendary waters of montana and yellowstone national park. There is no better base from which to launch your angling adventures, and no more qualified outfitter than trouthunter to make it happen.

TroutHunter is licensed to offer flyfishing trips in idaho, montana, and yellowstone national park. Our guide roster is comprised of some of the most respected anglers and instructors in the industry, averaging over a decade of experience guiding these waters. A full day guided trip consists of float or wade fishing for one or two anglers and includes a streamside lunch. Brown university community service applying vast empirical knowledge of trout and their environs, your guide will ensure that each day finds you on a stretch of water that is best suited to your desires and level of experience. No one will work harder to put you on fish or instruct you in the finer points of the sport. Each trip will be remembered as a pleasurable day spent in good company, as well as an investment in angling skills. Catch the difference.

Chris, or grizz as some call him, has been exploring and fishing the diverse waters of the greater yellowstone area for over 20 years. With an adventurous spirit, he is always searching out that new stretch of water and less pressured trout. In the spring of 2011, chris took on the position as manager of trouthunter’s fly shop, gaining invaluable knowledge of the area waters and logistics of a successful guide trip. Whether your desire is the more famous stretches of the henry’s fork, or branching out to discover lesser seen gems the area has to offer, chris provides great fishing coupled with a learning experience in majestic environs. Believing strongly in the protection of a resource which provides him joy, he conducts himself on a foundation of conservation, tradition and the strong principles of angler ethic, never taking for granted the beauty of healthy wild trout or their habitat. Chris resides year around on the banks of the henry’s fork with his beautiful wife kristen and their trusted bearded collie "nacho’. Skiing, hunting, writing and dreams of steelhead fill his time when away from his area waters.

A full day guided trip includes expert instruction and lunch. Flies, fishing licenses, alcoholic beverages, and gratuities are additional. Your guide will look over your fly selection prior to the trip and may suggest you purchase some patterns to ensure that you have everything you need for the day. If you arrange with your guide to float more than one stretch in a given day, you are responsible for the cost of additional shuttles. Sanford brown university locations no sales tax is charged on guide trips.

A five or six weight rod with a floating line is appropriate for the majority of our fishing. If you plan on bringing several, four through seven weights are most applicable. At a minimum you should additionally bring polarized sunglasses, a hat, a rain jacket and an insulating layer. Consider bringing chest waders for wading and as additional protection from inclement weather. Feel free to bring any trout flies and terminal tackle that you may own. Our full service shop has everything you may possibly need available for purchase as well as rental rods and waders.

Our trips originate out of the trouthunter fly shop unless other arrangements have been made. From mid may through mid september, we recommend that you meet your guide between 8:00 and 8:30. In the shoulder seasons, we recommend 9:00. If you arrive prior to the recommended time without warning, it is likely that you will have to wait around while your guide makes preparations for the day. If you wish to get an earlier or later start, please let us know in advance.

A conversation with your guide at the onset of the day can be the most impactful moment of the trip. Please let the guide know your experience level, angling preferences, and goals for the day and show him your tackle. Such information, coupled with his empirical knowledge, will allow your guide to tailor the day in a manner to meet or exceed your expectations. Of course, taking the time to do some practice casting prior to arrival is extremely advantageous as well.

TroutHunter employs an expert staff of experienced teaching guides, each of which has a unique personality and guiding style. Brown university admissions video if you would like, feel free to call us and we will do our best to pair you with a guide whose attributes match your preferences. Specific guides may be requested on a first come, first served basis. Regardless, you can be rest assured that you will enjoy your days on the water with a consummate professional.

As with all tipping, gratuities should be merit based. With that said, as a general guideline we recommend that you consider a tip of a similar percentage on the cost of a trip as you would on a restaurant bill. You will find that our guides work exceptionally hard to provide memorable days of fishing.