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A pitbull border collie is more likely to take after its border collie parent. In general, you can expect a pup who has the body of their pit bull parent with spots that resemble the border collie dog. Most pups are bicolored with white and black coloration.

Pit bull is known for keeping their owners active and engaged in mental activities. When combined with the super intelligence of border collie, be prepared to be surprised every time your companion outsmarts you with his wits. Famous people from brown university friendly and responsive

Both pit bull and border collie are very responsive and friendly dogs. Contrary to the popular belief, collie pit will make a wonderful addition to your home and become playmates with your kids while becoming a useful watchdog as well. Pitbull border collie mix size: medium sized doggies

Because this breed takes more after their pit bull parent in physical traits, you can expect a pitbull border collie to grow up to 50-62 pounds and reach about 30 to 35 inches in height.

Pitbull border collie mix: training, grooming, and care

So, make sure you add bones in their diet to take care of their chewing fetish. Brown university undergraduate majors because it is a very focused breed, food is rarely their first priority. You can feed them freely. Here are some recommended dog foods for pitbull border collies:

With pitbull border collie, you will not need to invest in any vacuum cleaner. These dogs have a short to moderate length coat and it doesn’t shed much. If the mix breed dog takes after their pit bull parent, expect a medium length, dense, and harsh coat. Brown university undergraduate admissions address and, if they inherit the coat from border collie, you’ll have a pup with a short length coat.

Either way, expect moderate shedding when the season is on. Brown university wiki if you’re someone who can’t tolerate even some hair in your home, invest in a good quality animal hair vacuum cleaner and leave all worries to relax with your pet. Pitbull border collie mix health concerns: should I be wary of any potential diseases?

However, they can be prone to allergies over time. So, make sure to get them tested regularly. This will reduce the chances of any health ailments getting out of hand and keep your pup healthy and secure. Pitbull border collie mix exercise requirements: how much walking does a border pit need?

My brother in law has a rott/shepard/husky/mutt mix and he got my sister in laws pit/mastiffs dog pregnant, the outcome is the weirdest thing to us. Brown university business major the puppy we chose looks IDENTICAL to the one at the top of the article, with the large black spot on the side included.

Our puppy, odin, will walk up a few stair-steps, turn his head to check you, go again a few more and turn his head and check you. Having worked for a veterinarian way back when, I remember having clients selecting service/therapy puppies that will do that. Am i mistaken??

For instance, he was taught a key word ONE time and after 2 weeks, he has yet to falter. He knew the first time I said “up” meant the stairs, he sat to put his harness on the second time i ever showed him. (that was 8 weeks old-before that he never seen one or had one on). EVERYTHING that is stated above describes our odin.

My brother in law had NO clue that his 14 yr old mutt mix (but so loveable old man) had ANY border collie in him. She had snuck out of her living area and into the other part of the house one time. (caught in the act) and if she ever went out she was leashed, never unattended, or so we were told.