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During her first interview with panel in episode 1, jane revealed that she’s was a student at the prestigious university of princeton. Later, she mentioned that people probably thought of her as the “ivy league rich girl” due to her student status and her families well-to-do lifestyle.

In episode 2, jane did well during the four-stories-high runway challenge for diane von furstenberg. She carried that strong performance with her through the teen bully photo shoot with deborah anderson. Brown university calendar when her final photo was being reviewed during panel, tyra commented that she has a lot of potential, she just needs to take it to the next level. Nigel said that it was ironic her face was the issue with regards to bullying because her face is really her main asset. He added that her body didn’t do anything for the photo, whereas her face was the most appealing part of the shot.

While her photo was being reviewed following the “fallen angels” shoot with anne menke, ALT said when he looked at her photo, he saw awkwardness. Nigel said that she looked striking, but had only a few photos where she looked “scorned,” which was the ‘angel’ she was portraying during the shoot.

The episode 3 challenge took place at knott’s berry farm. The girls were tasked with posing while riding a roller coaster called the silver bullet. Jane was asked to portray “meloncholy.” when her photo was being reviewed, nigel said that she “didn’t quite portray meloncholy, but she did look beautiful.”

In panel, matthew rolston commented that jane’s challenge was being able to work with her body while in an uncomfortable position. Tyra said that jane “looked stunning, but should have stretched her neck more, so she looked like a model.” while deliberating, ALT said her photo was “weak.” matthew rolston added that “there was something generic about the look; it wasn’t memorable.” tyra concluded deliberations by saying that “this is something you’d sell in town & country reader.”

While deliberating, nigel said “she’s lost. She really doesn’t know what modeling is about. It’s a disaster.” guest judge karolina kurkova added that she “was beautiful, but needs to work on her personality.” ALT said that she was “dreckitude.”

Because jane’s performance wasn’t as strong as the other girls, she landed in the bottom two with lexie. While in the bottom two, tyra told jane, “you have nice pictures, but there’s something there you don’t want to show. How to get into brown university it’s because of this your photos are so-so.”

Episode 6 began with a covergirl challenge. Jane and the girls were split into groups of three and had to teach the public how to use covergirl products. The public judged the girls and so did fashion journalist derek blasberg. Jane was grouped with kendal and ann – and after the judging, they didn’t shine as well as the winning group, kayla, esther and kacey.

For their photo shoot, the girls got to work with fashion stylist lori goldstein and world famous photographer patrick demarchelier on beverly hills’ rodeo drive. Jane got to shoot with kacey and a male model. During the shoot, patrick demarchelier said that she “was very good; she had an interesting look, but she’s a bit more commercial.”

During panel, ALT said that in the group shot she “looked like some extraordinary french-supermodel-actress with far away mystery in her eyes.” in her solo shot, ALT said that her photo was “superb.” nigel also said that she looked “superb – and haute.” patrick demarchelier said that she was “great with good energy and good movement.”

In episode 7, the girls were introduced to the grammy museum and their first challenge. Brown university parents weekend 2013 jane and the girls were paired up and had to dress each other as if they were going to present an award at the actual grammys. Jane was paired with esther for the challenge. Due to the difficulty of the challenge, neither girl won the challenge prize of being an actual grammy girl.

For their photo shoot with photographer francesco carrozzini jane had to portray marc jacobs, which is male. During the shoot, francesco carrozzini wanted more attitude. He said that “she had trouble because she didn’t know how to position her body and didn’t have a clear idea of what she was doing.”

During panel, tyra said, “when you come to top model, it’s not just about fun and games and dressing up; it’s about knowing designers, photographers, hair stylists, make-up artists.” nigel said that he would “like to see more in the body; it was too puffed up in the chest.”

During deliberation, ALT said that he “couldn’t believe that she was a princeton girl, but didn’t do her homework about fashion.” francesco carrozzini commented that “it’s important that these girls open a magazine and see things; she has to be more aware in order to play a character. She wasn’t portraying anything in her photo.”

I watch the show in england with my little girl and we both like jane a lot. Ann, i like her too. I dont know why chelsea was in top 2 ??? Kayla, oh so much drama…not top model at all. Jane is top model beauty not only in america but internationally. Brown university location state she has a great future ahead of her. A girl with her beauty and personality, she will go far. I don’t know why the judges would say she has no personality. Most of the girls I’ve seen in the ANTM are loud, rude, filthy and very uneducated. I know we live in a tough world and there are bitches where ever we are and it shouldnt be encouraged and ignored especially shows like ANTM. Models should be of good character inside out. I’m really disappointed with ANTM because I always thought and believe that models are of high standards but most of the 14 models chosen every season has appalling attitude. And pity are those who are brought up with decency, good character and behaviour because they will never persevere. Brown university international students financial aid that’s why I commend jane for her courage and dedication to her ambition. She does not need to go through all the drama in ANTM, she comes from a well to do family but she did it anyway because thats what her heart desires and they shouldn’t break her integrity. Jane, be that sweet girl and rock the world of fashion! All the best.