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Truth be told, there are A LOT of different contact lenses for your eye doctor to fit you in. But which ones are the best for your particular needs? In this article, you’ll get an inside look at the best contact lenses in each category (as voted by our eye care team). Note: click here to see ALL of our contact lens reviews best budget-friendly contact lenses (i.E. Best bang for the buck) source: acuvue.Com 1-day acuvue moist

This lens contains laceron technology, which permanently embeds a water‐holding ingredient to mimic the natural state of your eye. Also, it’s made of an elastic, inflammation decreasing material that has uniquely designed edges for improved comfort.

Lastly, certain retailers private label biofinity (i.E. Aquaclear, aquatech plus premium, and softmed breathables XW). This often allows them to sell you these contacts at a lower price.

Best contact lenses for dry eyes (or sensitive eyes) source: dailies.Com dailies total1

On the other hand, its surface is designed to be water-loving (i.E. Hydrophilic) and is made up of 80% water content. As a result, it matches the corneal surface it sits on. In fact, this lens approaches 100% water content at the very front and back of the lens.

On the other hand, acuvue oasys 1-day with hydraluxe boasts the second most breathable material of any daily contact lens on the market. It also features hydraluxe technology. Brown university football this provides the lens with an enhanced network of tear-like molecules that mimic and help support a stable, natural tear film. As a result, this helps minimize friction and maintain moisture on the front surface of the eye.

If you’re looking for a comfortable monthly contact lens, you should consider ultra. It has an extremely wettable surface and a lens core that does a good job retaining moisture. Also, ultra contains moistureseal technology, allowing it to maintain it’s moisture for up to a full 16 hours a day. Source: coopervision.Com biofinity

Relatively new to the market, acuvue vita contact lenses are gaining popularity among eye care professionals. These lenses contain hydramax technology and provide you with maximum comfort all month long. Also, they have an infinity edge design that was designed to decrease lens awareness as you blink.

If you have astigmatism and need toric contact lenses, look no further than acuvue oasys 1-day for astigmatism contact lenses. These lenses are extremely comfortable and have an impressive range of powers (i.E. Parameters) compared to other daily toric contact lenses. Plus, they have a blink stabilized design that works with your natural eyelid movements to keep the lens perfectly positioned at all times. Source: coopervision.Com biofinity toric

Featuring optimized toric lens geometry, biofinity toric is uniquely designed for predictable, consistent vision as well as maximum comfort, stability, and fit. Also, this lens has an extended range option (i.E. Biofinity XR). As a result, it’s an outstanding option if you have a high amount of astigmatism and want to wear soft contact lenses. Source: bausch.Com ultra for astigmatism

Featuring an opticalign design, ultra for astigmatism will provide you with great stability, vision, and comfort. In addition, they’re also optimized to reduce the halo and glare that often comes with astigmatism contact lenses. Source: acuvue.Com acuvue vita for astigmatism

Like the acuvue oasys 1-day for astigmatism, acuvue vita for astigmatism has a blink stabilized design too. Add this to the comfort, vision, and UV protection this lens provides and you have yourself another great astigmatism lens option to consider.

If you’re not thrilled about the price of dailies total1 multifocal (hint: they’re expensive), you should ask your eye doctor about acuvue 1-day moist multifocal. This lens is the only multifocal that addresses the natural variation in pupil size according to your age and prescription. Brown university giving in other words, you’ll see great AND have the comfort of a proven daily contact lens.

Both dailies tota1 multifocal and acuvue 1-day moist multifocal come in low, medium, and high reading powers. Also, they both have a center-near design that provides you with a smooth transition from near to distance in a daily contact lens. Source: bausch.Com source: airoptix.Com

Like dailies total1 multifocal, air optix multifocal has a unique precision profile design and comes in low, medium, and high reading powers. Ultra for presbyopia has a 3-zone progressive design and comes in low and high reading powers. Source: coopervision.Com biofinity multifocal

On the other hand, biofinity multifocal has balanced progressive technology and comes in +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50 reading powers. What makes this multifocal unique is that it comes in two different optical designs (one center-distance and one center-near). As a result, your eye doctor will have more options to fit you with as your focusing demand changes over time.

Fortunately for you, biofinity energys was designed to help you find your comfort zone! It contains a digital zone optics design (i.E. Multiple front-surface aspheric curves) that will help you easily shift your focus between digital devices and the world around you.

If you’re a 30-something digital device junkie struggling with eye strain, this lens is definitely worth giving a try! Best overnight contact lenses (i.E. Ones that are FDA approved for you to sleep in) source: airoptix.Com air optix night & day

Air optix night & day is highly breathable! With an oxygen permeability of 140 and an oxygen transmissibility of 175 @ -3.00D, it’s no surprise it’s one of the only contact lenses FDA approved for continuous wear (i.E. 30 days of wear in a row).

If you have a really high prescription, biofinity XR is the contact lens you need to consider. This lens is available from +15.00D to -20.00D and has one of the largest power range available for a monthly contact lens. Best contact lenses for keratoconus and irregular corneas

If you have keratoconus or an irregular cornea, it’s unlikely that you’ll have success with traditional soft contact lenses. As a result, rigid gas permeable (RGP), hybrid, and scleral contact lenses are most often used to meet your visual demands. All 3 of these contact lens options are safe and can help provide you with clear, comfortable vision. Scleral contact lenses

In particular, we highly recommend considering scleral contact lenses. These large diameter contacts are designed to vault (i.E. Go completely over) your irregular cornea. This creates a new, smooth surface for light to come through to the back of your eye. In addition, scleral contacts land on the white part of your eye (i.E. The sclera), instead of the highly sensitive cornea. As a result, they’re often much more comfortable than traditional hard contacts. Hybrid contact lenses

On the other hand, hybrid contact lenses are another great option to consider. These lenses have a hard center with a soft surrounding. Brown university off campus housing the hard center helps compensate for the irregularity of your cornea while the soft surrounding helps maintain comfort and overall fit.

If you’re looking for a daily color contact lens, check out freshlook one-day. Available in blue, green, pure hazel, and grey, these daily contacts are a great way to switch up your look with a fresh lens every day! Source: acuvue.Com acuvue define

On the other hand, if you simply want to enhance the look of your eyes with daily contact lenses, consider acuvue define. These daily contacts are designed to boost your natural eye color for a more authentic look and are available in natural shimmer, natural shine, accent style, and vivid style. Source: airoptix.Com air optix colors

Air optix colors is a monthly contact lens that is available in a number of subtle and vibrant colors. Subtle colors include grey, blue, green, pure hazel, honey, and brown. Vibrant colors include sterling grey, brilliant blue, gemstone green, turquoise, true sapphire, and amethyst.

Almost equally as comfortable, and easier to handle, acuvue oasys 1-day is another fantastic daily option. These lenses have an oxygen permeability of 103 and provide you with incredible UV protection (something dailies total1 lacks). Best o verall 2-week wear contact lenses source: acuvue.Com acuvue oasys

My guess is the latter and there’s a reason why. It’s well designed, extremely comfortable, has excellent UV protection, and comes in a large range of powers. As a result, many eye doctors are happy fitting it and don’t find the need to prescribe other lenses.

First, ultra contact lenses contain moistureseal technology, allowing them to maintain their moisture for up to a full 16 hours a day. They’re very soft, easy to handle, and are FDA approved for continuous wear. Source: coopervision.Com biofinity

Next, biofinity contact lenses are designed with aquaform technology. This technology minimizes dehydration and provides the lens with natural wettability. Like ultra, it’s very soft, easy to handle, and is FDA approved for extended wear. Another thing to note is that this lens comes with an extended range of powers, making it an ideal option for patients with high prescriptions. Source: acuvue.Com acuvue vita