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A magical girl with an elder sister-type disposition who saves magical girl apprentices in peril. She has older and younger brothers, and she has also that boyish frankness as part of her own personality. But in truth, she loves cute things like stuffed animals. Perhaps also because of her admiration of cute things, she is a fan of female idols. “nothing to worry about, just leave it to this sis!”

This doppel attacks with its giant fingers, as well as the countless fingers flying around it. The fingernails that serve as its weapons are all finely painted and manicured, and the doppel is excessively concerned with their upkeep. If praised, it will do a fine job, but if scorned, it will reproach itself and become extremely depressed. Brown university undergraduate enrollment it’s a huge nuisance when this happens, so it’s best to have the doppel attack quickly after summoning it.

After destroying a witch, momoko spots the boy she used to like hanging out with a girl. Momoko thinks she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time again. Momoko says that a broken heart won’t go away just by her thinking about it, so she decides to go to the mall. While there, she sees a line for tickets for a live event. Momoko sees a girl fighting with a man. The girl accuses him of trying to trade seats. Momoko thinks she shouldn’t get involved, but does so anyway. Momoko says that on the website it mentions that seat trading is not allowed. The man leaves. The girl thanks momoko. The two then talk about the idol group links. Momoko then leaves to get her seat for the event.

Momoko enjoys the event, but sees a man trying to push through the crowd. Momoko soon realizes the man is witch kissed. Momoko enters the barrier and runs into rena minami, the girl from earlier. Brown university admitted students after their mutual shock, they decide to work together. However, rena is able to harm the witch. Rena decides to shapeshift into momoko. Together they destroy the witch. Afterward, momoko thanks and praises rena for her help. Rena says she can’t fight witches with her own form. Momoko says she’s jealous and wishes she could be someone different. Rena says that momoko doesn’t need to change when she’s the sort of person who would help a complete stranger. Momoko admits she always thinks about being different.

Flashbacks show that momoko felt like she was never really feminine. Momoko normally wouldn’t mind, but she felt that it made it harder to romantically connect with the boy she liked. Brown university shield in the present, rena asks why momoko explained this to her. Momoko says they have many similarities. The girls suddenly find it’s dark outside, and decide to go home after exchanging contact information. Later, rena and momoko team up to fight a witch. Brown university tuition cost afterwards, momoko and rena playfully banter. Rena then brings up the boy momoko likes and believes momoko has a chance with him. Momoko then explains that her chance had passed.

A flashback shows that momoko was scared to confess to the boy she liked. Kyubey arrived and offered her to contract. Momoko’s wish was "I need courage to confess my love to a guy I like." momoko then went to confess to the boy, but found another girl had beaten her to it. Momoko could only laugh and cry. In the present, momoko nearly trips. Rena says momoko has bad timing but she’ll be fine from now on…Because she has rena to help her. Momoko hugs her and decides that if she didn’t become a magical girl, she wouldn’t have met rena. She decides she had good timing after all. Momoko wonders if she was destined to be a magical girl.