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Instead of elation, I left feeling overwhelmed. Feeling small and unimportant. You know those moments when the lies are just piling up? If you were important, you’d be up there. Or you’d be a victory story shared. What you’re doing isn’t important, and it’s not much of a success.

A video comes on about how our church is serving those in need. And I remember all the times I’ve had the chance to give, and how I’m part of this great big thing happening for people to receive help, even if they aren’t pronouncing my name or showing my face.

Finally, the song “reckless love” is sung by the congregation, which almost makes me completely lose it. It’s a song about how god wholly pursues us, recklessly, with abandon. He does absolutely anything and everything to get to our hearts. I’ve never sung that song with a congregation, and the experience is so emotional for me.

At this very moment, I almost feel as if all the singers and the stage and the people around me are taken away, and it’s just me and god.

First, it takes prayer. And I mean, catching god up on all the lies I was hearing (and believing). It takes laying them at his feet, not knowing what he will do with them. Some encouragement comes from 1 john 5:14-15 NIV: “this is the confidence we have in approaching god: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. Brown university interview and if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him.”

Second, it takes stillness. That day, it took a few minutes of being still and silent before god to feel his reassurance. I’m not typically much for mediating (and I’m definitely not one to love being still). But doing this before god helped me to stop focusing on the fears and instead give that attention to him. Exodus 14:14 NIV always encourages me: “the lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Lastly, it takes waiting in expectation. We can eagerly wait for what god has in store for us. Psalm 3:5 NIV speaks to this: “in the morning, lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” we can be watching for how god is going to answer our prayers! And how does he do it?

But here’s some ways god has answered my fears: by averting a crisis, or sometimes by allowing challenges to happen but also giving me the strength to rise up to them. It can come by the right scripture or encouragement from someone at the right time. It comes through a song on the radio or something to delight me or make me laugh. Unexpected solutions, miraculous interventions, a message or sharing that hits home. All of these are ways god answers my fears.

If you’re in a tough situation, or even just a normal one that leaves you riddled with fears, I hope you can be encouraged that god answers our fears. You can always go to him with your worries, as matthew 11:28 NIV says: “come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I have great memories of my mom making our costumes growing up. I am so behind that idea. Brown university providence rhode island it means that they’re custom, creative, and last a little longer than those cheap costumes that cost SO much. (and then are 80% off the day afterwards.)

This year, with my capsule closet series and attempting to be more mindful in my shopping, I decided to challenge myself by making costumes out of what’s already in my closet. And it turns out that even with narrowing down my wardrobe, I still have plenty of options!

In need of a last minute halloween costume, or trying to keep from spending too much? I bet you already have some of these staples right in your own closet. Even if you don’t have all the accessories, they are inexpensive and easy to find. (adding a few more ideas with the same staples in there, too.)

Basing this around my field jacket, I added an olive tank, black jeans, and black boots. A ponytail for sure. Be as messy as you want – she runs from dinosaurs for the whole movie. Grab a backpack, too, perfect for halloween treats. Dino friend optional. (would also make for a cute opportunity to do family costumes with two little velociraptors!)

Got a dress in a funky print? Add a button-up underneath, pin your hair back (the messier, the better!), and you’ve got a great miss frizzle! I only wish I had some bright shoes to go with, but it makes it an even more authentic last-minute look.

Dinner meal boxes are a fairly popular trend at the moment. New ones keep coming out all the time. And they sound appealing – no grocery shopping, no meal planning. Just pick the ones you want, wait for them to arrive, and use the pre-portioned ingredients to make dinner.

All of that leads to this, my official, unsponsored hello fresh review. You’ll notice this page doesn’t have affiliate links. Here’s why. (please remember this is all my opinion and experience. Some of these experiences – like delivery schedules – vary depending on where you live.)

• cost. I wouldn’t say we were saving money necessarily, but I also don’t think the cost was unreasonable. We found a discount code, so we got 3 meals (made for four people, so basically 6 meals for us including leftovers) for about $70. Unfortunately I chose a meal that has an additional charge, something I didn’t realize at the time. So it ended up being about $90.

• the delivery schedule where we live just doesn’t work for us. The first day in the week they deliver is wednesday, so two days of meals still need to be planned, unless you can work it out another way. Also, it delivers past 5pm, which again, doesn’t work for our eating schedule.

• while the marketing was great, there were a lot of key details I didn’t get by just browsing the page, things like dates for ordering, meal plans, and up charges for meals. We ended up getting a “surprise” charge (surprise for me, because I didn’t read the fine print). Brown university ranking 2012 just know ahead of time that some meals have an extra charge.

I would say, however, if you’re a young professional, a couple that doesn’t have kids, or empty nesters, and you want to shake up your meal routine a bit, or learn to cook something new, meal boxes are something fun to try out. Again, the hello fresh food was tasty, and the risotto in particular was something I’d never think to make.

My goal is to help families make good decisions for their homes. Brown university providence ri 02912 so I hope this comes across the right way. I’ll conclude with this: we ended our hello fresh subscription, because it’s just not a good fit for us right now. If we choose to try again, I’ll keep you updated.

Imagine a job where you’re expected to work any time of the day or night. Don’t even attempt to take a sick day or a day off. On holidays, you have double the responsibilities. However you’re feeling, you better show up and be ready to work.

Your bosses are demanding, but don’t have any sense of responsibility. So you pretty much are expected to do…everything. They’re also unpredictable, and sometimes show recognition for all you do, but often they don’t notice. They require all your attention, time, and even hand-holding to get through the day.

What I hadn’t been planning on was the steep learning curve of going back to real life after vacation. Or maybe the kids are reacting a week late to last week’s full moon. Either way, wednesday was kind of a nightmare. It felt like no matter what I said or tried to make happen, my kids did the opposite. At the end of the day, I felt pretty worthless and didn’t want a single person to touch me, talk to me, or demand anything of me.

Most days as a stay-at-home mom are decent. My kids aren’t perfect, I’m not perfect, but we have fun, we do what we need to, and everyone gets along mostly. Their sweetness and random cuddles make up for any defiance and drama, most of which doesn’t last long anyway.

Mama, you need to know that what you’re doing isn’t without reward. It may not be something obvious right now, but the love and care and effort you put towards your kids has a lasting impact. Whether you mom all day, or work all day and mom at night. You just might not see it until they grow older. But even now, my kids surprise me with the things they’ve learned from me, or how they resemble me.

Also? Your value doesn’t come from how good you’re doing (or how good you feel like you’re doing). Or even how bad you are or aren’t doing. I know it seems like it. I know you’re stretched so tight that you’re about to break. Brown university admissions email that you’re hurt and tired of being fought back against. I know.

But your value goes beyond how healthy your kids meals are that day, or how many educational activities you pack in. It’s in your love for your kids, your determination to give them the best you can, and all the things that make up you. Motherhood is hard.

We don’t always give it enough credit. We see people make it look easy on instagram and pinterest, and we assume that’s the standard. When really, there is no standard. There’s only wanting the best for your kids and doing the best you can. There’s making mistakes, and making them right. And there’s making lifelong memories.