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When you are trying to attract the attention of college students with content on a display screen in a city overflowing with video screens like las vegas, you better have a solid plan along with an even more solid display. The university of nevada las vegas faced exactly this challenge with a recent on-campus LED display installation in hospitality hall. The tech decision

UNLV’s classroom technology team also had to deal with installing this display in a tricky corner location in the university’s main lobby called hospitality hall. They immediately knew that only one display company was going to effectively handle these challenges, and handle them with flair, and that was nanolumens, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, and their true curve nixel display technology and AWARE software platform.

“we needed a concave curved solution as the spot we were given to work with was in a corner and we also were interested in this technology because we felt we wanted to do something a bit different that would really stand out. How much is tuition at brown university we were confident that a nanolumens display would answer the call on both of those fronts,” says UNLV’s A/V systems specialist frank alaimo.

“this particular display, measuring 16.5’ x 5.4’, was the ideal solution for this install as it offered the necessary combination of brilliant image quality and ease of installation and operation UNLV was looking for,” snell says. “their display technology is very lightweight, consumes very little power and generates a minimal amount of heat — all of which were important factors in the university’s decision-making process.”

“another unique thing about this display is that there is a custom made-to-match soundbar across the top of the wall made by james loudspeaker,” snell says. “nanolumens fabricated the mounting points for the soundbar and they lined it up with the speakerenclosure and it made for a nice integrated look. It would be hard to tell that two different manufacturers actually took part in this build and this is something nanolumens does so well.”

“we researched many other manufacturers but no one could create a truly curved, concave display at the pixel pitch we required,” says alaimo. “the primary reason we chose nanolumens was for their ability to create the precise solution that the space required. Brown university admissions video the nanolumens nixel series was the best choice to fit in this particular tight space as with nixel technology there are no gaps or facets and it simply offers superior viewing angles.”

The secret to nanolumens’ truly curved display technology is the nixel, the company’s flexible building block for all nanolumens nixel series™ displays. This patented technology is flexible for both convex and concave curves and bends with the curvature of the display, creating a truly curved display with no gaps or facets and with superior viewing angles. The end-result is a better horizon view with no black or loss of visibility up to 170 degrees. Number of students at brown university the nixel technology is actually nanolumens’ intellectual property and a competitive advantage it is proud to claim.

Trevor brown, assistant director of technology operations at UNLV hospitality college runs promotional videos for the university playing on two-thirds of the display along with a slide show of testimonials from alumni on the other third.Brown uses the nanolumens AWARE platform software to update and push content to the display.

AWARE is a simple, versatile and expandable content and digital display management system that positions users to stay ahead of today’s constantly evolving digital marketing needs. With real-time analytics and engagement measures now playing a crucial role in crafting and improving marketing messages, ad space owners need to offer the latest technologies to meet any customer’s needs.

“the AWARE software is web based so that makes it easy to make changes on the fly from wherever I might be,” brown says. “this content runs approximately 12-hours a day during regular business hours and AWARE seamlessly combines our diagnostics and support functions with the ability to choose a variety of apps, services, and content sources.” the impact

Once the installation was complete, NTA’s snell was delighted with how it turned out. “the finished product looks great. The fit and finish of the panels, legs, and trim are important and nanolumens does a good job of packaging the items so they look fresh and unmarred when we unbox and install them,” he says. “lots of people stop to watch the presentations. It seems to be getting a lot of attention from visitors.”

“las vegas is a city renowned for offering the world an extraordinary range of gaming and entertainment experiences that depend upon LED displays to stand out,” says dave merlino, nanolumens VP-sales, U.S. West. “the city is equally renowned for being the home of a world-class university that understands the importance of standing out in a city of dazzling displays. We’re thrilled to have been able to create a stunning visualization solution, custom formed to meet the requirements of the space.”