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Most of us think of insects as creepy-crawly things that are best flattened by a flyswatter. But not all of these creatures fall into that category. The butterfly is one of the most popular types of insect, which is largely because the various kinds of butterfly are beautiful to look at.

We all know that bees help to pollinate flowers, but most people do not realize that butterflies also perform this task. Brown university campus map pdf they are less suited to the job than bees because butterflies have to balance on thin legs and do not have the bodily structures that bees have evolved specifically to aid them.

This means that butterflies are not able to collect as much pollen on their bodies and legs as bees can, but the butterfly does have some advantages over the bee when it comes to pollination. The most notable is the butterfly’s ability to fly much farther than a bee, which means that it is capable of pollinating flowers across a much wider area.

They also have a superior perception of color compared to bees, which are unable to see the color red. This means that butterflies choose brightly colored blooms while enabling them to pollinate flowers when they are open during the daytime. 9 keeping ecosystems healthy

Due to their sensitivity to alterations in climate, butterflies are extremely helpful to scientists who are monitoring climate change around the world. Changes in temperature affect which sites butterflies choose for laying their eggs, the number that they lay, and the development and survival of the butterfly larvae.

There have been several examples of a decline in the numbers of butterflies in a particular region that have been attributed to climate change. One such case is the almost complete disappearance of the birdwing butterfly from the fashiakhali forest in bangladesh between 1999 and 2004.

Research by scientists from the environmental biology and biodiversity lab at the university of dhaka found that the primary reason for this was changes to the plants that these butterflies eat. Brown university boston furthermore, research by scientists from the national academy of sciences (NAS) in the US has found that the number of quino checkerspot butterflies native to baja, california, has declined significantly due to the climate becoming too hot and dry.

Although the human destruction of the area’s habitat is also a factor in this decline, the NAS now officially lists this subspecies as the first endangered one where climate changes are a recognized cause and something to be considered when planning to prevent this butterfly from becoming extinct. 7 boosting tourism

Each year on the greek island of rhodes, a nature reserve called petaloudes (“butterfly valley”) draws thousands of tourists from all over the world thanks to the many panaxia quadripunctaria poda that live there. (although sources conflict as to whether panaxia quadripunctaria poda is actually a butterfly or a moth, the more scientific sources say it’s a moth.)

The butterflies and moths gather in this valley during the final part of their life span. The close of the area’s wet season in late may is the best time to see them as they are drawn by the smell given off by the valley’s oriental sweetgum trees.

Mexico’s monarch butterfly biosphere reserve also enjoys a seasonal tourism boost due to butterflies. This is home to the monarch butterfly’s winter roost. El rosario and sierra chincua, two of the eight butterfly colonies, are open to tourists. El rosario attracts thousands of people every year, especially from japan, germany, france, spain, canada, and the US. 6 providing antibiotics

Given that butterflies are beautiful, we should not be surprised that they have proven inspirational to artists over the years. This can be traced all the way back to egypt in 1350 BC where the tomb painting nebamun hunting in the marshes featured numerous plain tiger butterflies.

Scenes of this kind were commonly used to decorate tombs at that time. They depict the dead as they wanted to be remembered as well as engaging in things that they hoped to do in the next life. The hieroglyphics stated that the painting shows nebamun enjoying the beauty of nature.

Butterflies also interested artists of the renaissance. Jupiter painting butterflies, mercury and virtue by dosso dossi shows jupiter painting these insects while mercury sits behind him preventing virtue from interrupting jupiter’s work. According to scholars of fine art, the butterflies in this painting represent the volatile creative thought process.

The surrealist artist salvador dali also had a fascination with butterflies as we can see from the untitled 1956 painting that has become known as landscape with butterflies. This features two different types of butterfly in a desert setting, with dali’s love for them said to be linked to his enthusiasm for the idea of metamorphosis in general. Brown university business school ranking in his autobiography, dali associates them with fragility and the ephemeral.

Finally, the conceptual artist damien hirst also explored butterflies in his 1991 piece in and out of love, which featured butterfly pupae hatching on canvasses. His second version created for the tate modern in 2012 caused controversy due to the resultant deaths of over 9,000 butterflies. That year, hirst also used the wings of butterflies for his colorful kaleidoscope paintings that examine the christian idea of the butterfly representing resurrection and the greek idea of it representing the soul. 2 helping to bring about technological breakthroughs