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China’s reform signals bigger troubles for korean firms

Over the past weeks, china has gained global attention after it erased presidential term limits from its constitution, paving the way for chinese president xi jinping to stay in power indefinitely. The move overshadowed another important decision on china’s economic

‘More ambition’ urged for welsh innovation – bbc news

Meet eve. She looks and feels like a patient, but she’s in fact a very lifelike dummy, created by a film and TV props company to help a cardiff tech firm develop cutting edge ultrasound technology. The hope is that

Video live high definition video from mars nasa is getting ready 89.3 kpcc

Nothing conveys the excitement of space exploration like pictures from another planet. Now NASA is planning to go one better than pictures. The space agency is aiming to launch a probe carrying a communication system that will let future missions

South carolina prosecutor used public money for his brother to spin tunes at pricey christmas bashes news

The hiring of johnson’s brother was one of many payments uncovered this week by the post and courier’s analysis of spending records from kershaw and richland counties. Johnson oversees prosecutions in those counties. The records were released after a new

Trump’s tariffs set off a global chain reaction

The trump administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs are provoking a chain reaction around the globe, as governments from europe to canada prepare to erect barriers to prevent cheap metal once bound for the united states from entering their markets. On

The america i grew up with only exists on our founding documents – d.w. wilber

As a young boy I was infused with a love of country by my parents and older brothers, all of whom had at one point or another served this nation in the military, as I eventually did myself. I was

Opinion not every good idea belongs in florida’s constitution

Florida is currently undergoing its every two decades citizens’ initiative process, whereby the constitution revision commission has reviewed more than 100 potential amendments and is deciding which amendments should go before florida voters for consideration on the 2018 ballot. What many

Lion dancing history, traditions and its special place in hong kong culture explained south china morning post washington university mascot

A golden lion leaps from one high pole to another, shaking its bright, tasselled mane while the clash of drums and cymbals drowns out the gasps of onlookers at pacific place, an upmarket shopping mall in the heart of hong

Iowa could support 45,700 cafos, but should leaders consider limits

"I truly enjoy coming to work every morning. They’re always in a good mood," said thiele, reaching down to scratch the backs of a few pigs inside the confined feeding operation. Without the northeast iowa business, thiele said he would be forced

Make wakanda real by embracing your african roots top 8 universities in australia

My quaint family attended ghanaian traditional baptisms and funerals adorned in kente cloth and other garb normalizing african culture in my new england neighborhood. Mom wrapped her hair in a duku head scarf similar to ramonda in black panther. My

Infectious disease expert to highlight emerging diagnostic strategies to support c. difficile infection control benzinga

LabRoots will host the webinar, sponsored by roche diagnostics, on march 22, in which participants will learn about the challenges surrounding C. Difficile and novel strategies employed by the microbiology lab to support accurate diagnosis and prevention. Clostridium difficile (C.

In ethiopia, soccer stadiums have become political battlefields texas public radio

This soccer stadium is in the heart of political opposition territory in ethiopia. On a recent sunday, thousands of supporters are sitting shoulder to shoulder. And surrounding the pitch, dozens of paramilitary police look out at the crowd, some with

Local immigration rights advocates call on greyhound to stop bus raids news rochester city newspaper american university communications

The american civil liberties union yesterday issued an open letter to the president and CEO of greyhound, calling for them to refuse customs and border protection permission to conduct bus raids without a warrant. The letter cited instances in washington,

Painting perseverance albuquerque journal

“winter blossom” by hung liu. The artist is famous for taking photos of chinese women, including prostitutes, and presenting the images in a new light. (source courtesy of turner carroll gallery) SANTA FE, N.M. — several years ago, a doctor

College sports texas tech head coach chris beard has some whataburger advice for you… sportsday

Also wednesday, beard told a story about how he would go on recruiting visits with kyle keller, who is now the head coach at stephen F. Austin. After those recruiting trips, the two would head to mcdonald’s. The rest of

Yale rape verdict shows how ‘yes means yes’ can be murkier in court – the new york times american college rankings

Saifullah khan, who was accused of raping a fellow yale student on halloween night in 2015, was declared not guilty on wednesday after barely three hours of deliberations. Credit When a jury in the trial of a yale college student

Bchl today prince george and powell river close to moving on – bc local news

We start in prince george where ben brar’s overtime winner has the spruce kings one game away from moving on and the chilliwack chiefs one loss away from a first round exit. Brar scored 8:45 into extra time thursday night

New attraction offers interactive sporting experience for everyone

To take advantage of the greatest offerings of the indiana sports scene, local fans have always had to be spectators instead of participants. Most people won’t be able to experience racing around the indianapolis motor speedway, driving under the shadow

Critics question schimel’s obamacare lawsuit

Eight years after the affordable care act became law, wisconsin attorney general brad schimel joined his texas counterpart last week in filing yet another lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law. The lawsuit is certain to appeal to the republican party’s

Islander holds wsu athletics responsible for poor decisions, viral news story vashon-maury island beachcomber

Editor’s note: the islander involved in this story has asked not to be identified in order to protect and maintain the privacy of her son, an assault victim, who also does not wish to be identified. When her son was