Citd and fada-catec develop “fase” – citd top 10 universities in the philippines

Seville, september 18, 2018.- the spanish engineering company CITD will collaborate with the advanced center for aerospace technologies (FADA-CATEC) in the development of “FASE” project; targeting design, development and manufacture of new space components.

In particular, CITD and FADA-CATEC will develop strategic components to be integrated in future space missions taking advantage of all possibilities offered by additive manufacturing. Qs world university rankings the goals will be components of launchers and satellites, as well as manufacturing and assembly tools. The project started in january 2018 and we are currently working on the design and manufacture of these new solutions.

CITD offers engineering design and analysis solutions for systems and structural components of the aerospace sector, and its subsequent diversification into sectors such as energy, industry or infrastructure.

The strongly contribution of a staff of about 60 engineers and specialists as well as the shareholder compromise to invest in new technologies, make it possible for CITD to bet on 3D printing, positioning itself as one of the most active spanish companies in the development of airborne parts for the space sector.

CATEC is an advanced technological centre contributing to improve the competitiveness of aerospace companies thru research and technological innovation, know-how generation, technology transfer and advanced services. This company with more than 60 specialists and technicians is promoted by the andalusian foundation for aerospace development (FADA), an entity belonging to the regional government via the IDEA agency.

During its ten years of experience, it has become one of the most active technological centers in spanish and european R&D projects, pointing out fields such as development of technologies and applications for additive manufacturing and industry 4.0, unmanned aerial systems or drones (UAS/RPAS), aerial robotics or non-destructive testing. Uk university rankings CATEC currently works in more than 60 R&D projects, both with public research organizations and private firms, leading in several of them initiatives of european programs: VII framework program and horizon 2020 (european commission).

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