Claire mccaskill revealed to be a democrat in james o’keefe’s boring ‘expose’ news blog level of education secondary 16 19 years

The video opens with a shot of the Project Veritas Action logo — a design that includes no less than three different fonts and two instances of an "O" cleverly replaced by a target reticle and a radar screen. Obviously, it is a logo of Great Journalistic Integrity.

In the videos, which drew prominent play on the Drudge Report Tuesday, McCaskill speaks to an undercover Veritas operative identified in the video only as "Journalist" — and is caught on camera admitting that new gun safety measures could be passed in Congress only "if we elect enough Democrats." She goes on to complain that the Republican Senate leadership won’t let other senators bring those measures to a vote.

"It’s nuts," McCaskill says in the video. "The NRA will be all in for my opponent, so another good reason for everybody to suit up and work hard, because they are gonna be in for him.

They’ll spend millions of dollars on his race. They always spend millions of dollars against me."

About three minutes into the video, O’Keefe himself finally makes an appearance — not undercover, but in a bizarre Extremely Journalistic Setting: a space made to look like McCaskill’s campaign headquarters, complete with lawn signs and people posing as staffers in the background, holding phones and writing notes.

O’Keefe then formally introduces the story, claiming the Veritas operative captured McCaskill and her staffers saying things they’d never say publicly, thereby exposing the fact that McCaskill isn’t actually an independent or a moderate. Apparently, the big secret is that she’s a *gasp* Democrat with left-leaning positions on left-leaning issues.

What follows is a series of unbelievably cringe-y undercover interviews, in which the Veritas plant rattles off long-winded questions to various mid-level staffers about gun control and why McCaskill, for instance, isn’t calling for measures to ban "semi-automatic rifles" or campaigning alongside Barack Obama. level 6 education The questions are framed around the idea that the campaign is knowingly downplaying hot-button issues to maintain McCaskill‘s chances of winning Missouri’s moderate and conservative leaning voters.

Throughout the exchange, the actual campaign staffer, identified in the video as a regional field director named Grace Richardson, answers the questions tersely. At some points her expression seems to indicate that she’d rather be doing literally anything else than talking to this guy.

And even the seemingly juiciest bits, like several staffers joking about impeaching Trump, seem to be undercut by the overwrought Veritas guy trying to ask his questions with all the subtlety of a Bond villain plotting to poison a reservoir.

So. Apparently some McCaskill campaigners are willing to joke about impeaching Trump … but the segment never even attempts to make the same case as to the candidate herself. In O’Keefe’s dark worldview, this apparently proves that McCaskill projecting an image to moderates to get their votes — and small talk between low-level campaigners somehow demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that she lacks integrity.

It’s pretty boring by O’Keefe’s standards, which tend to rely more on shock value than new information. education level in the us He’s been shown repeatedly to use selectively edited video clips and misleading framing devices, and his touted successes — he single-handedly destroyed ACORN with similar videos — are overwhelmed by his history of unethical reporting.

For instance, last November, a Veritas agent posing as a rape victim had the tables turned on her by the Washington Post. In 2016, O’Keefe forgot to hang up a phone while pulling a sting on the Open Society Foundation, and he wound up describing the the entire plot for the foundation’s voice mail. He even once tried to seduce a CNN reporter with a boat trip on a "palace of pleasure."

Basically, very little about O’Keefe and Veritas comports with what reporters actually do. access to higher education level 3 The McCaskill video ultimately pries a few clumsy and somewhat revealing statements from staffers, but even those moments amount to politically prosaic admissions from people with no real policy pull on the candidate.

Inexplicably, the video also features Ed Martin, the former Missouri GOP Chair who now runs a splinter version of the Eagle Forum and probably nourishes himself on a stolen stash of Phyllis Schlafly’s plasma. O’Keefe and Martin have a history: In January, O’Keefe flew to St. Louis to accept an award from Martin for exposing "the dirty playbook of the radical liberal agenda." Now, it’s Martin — who was fired earlier this year from a gig as a CNN pundit — who’s getting some exposure from O’Keefe.

And not surprisingly, McCaskill’s opponent Josh Hawley hasn’t let O’Keefe’s work go to waste. He’s tweeted about the video five times since its release on Monday … with, naturally, breathless bombast suggesting the Veritas project is on to something big.

"It is startling that Josh Hawley would embrace fraudulently embedding somebody in my campaign," McCaskill said in a statement. "He is the Attorney General of Missouri, he’s supposed to be going after fraud, not applauding it. I have been very up front about all of my positions. I’ve never seen something like this in a U.S. Senate race in the state of Missouri."

Again, color us shocked. is phd the highest level of education How dare James O’Keefe attempt to infiltrate a campaign? And how dare Claire McCaskill have the gall to be a Democrat, in Missouri of all places?!? We’re going to get to the bottom of this …. just as soon as we build our own fake campaign office.