Colorado River flooding may put Longhorn Dam to the test west point academy images

AUSTIN (KXAN) — as water continues to pour down the colorado river and more rain is in the forecast, questions have surfaced about how infrastructure near austin, like the longhorn dam, will hold up. West point academy ranking the city of austin said that the floodgates have been upgraded at the longhorn dam, but if more water is released from upstream, no one knows how the dam might be impacted.

The LCRA says four floodgates are currently open at mansfield dam (upstream from austin), and that while they don’t plan to open additional floodgates friday, they could in the coming days. Academy west point if more than six gates are opened on the mansfield dam, that would be the most water to ever flow through lake austin and lady bird lake since the dams were created.

The gates have received more attention in recent years as the city recognized they were jamming and needed to be updated.

KUT reporting made many of the documents accessible online, including a watershed protection department review of the dam back in 2014 that revealed concerns about the dam.

They reported that the two automatic floodgates no longer worked well and that outdated mechanical and hydraulic systems required lots of upkeep. West point military academy tour schedule freese and nichols also found that some of the floodgates failed to open and close properly. West point academy news they noted the dam was "in need of major repairs and upgrades" to its automatic gates, lift gates, and electrical systems.

"Austin energy conducted repairs on longhorn dam, and then austin water and austin energy conducted an operational assessment of it back in february [of 2018] and the results of that assessment was that [the floodgates] were in working condition," said angel flores with the city of austin’s office of homeland security and emergency management.

"They’ve never had eight floodgates open [at mansfield dam] at the same time, so it’s really hard to assess what would happen, but as of now we do know they have four floodgates open so we’re working with that," flores said, adding that the city has first responders and rescue crews on standby in case more water presents a threat to public safety

In the austin waterway restriction plan documents from 2014, the city noted that longhorn dam will be overtopped with water if five gates or more are opened at mansfield dam, with more than 45,000 cubic feet per second of water coming through. West point military academy apparel the city clarified that this does not mean that water will go over pleasant valley road, which sits on top of the dam.

The city of austin told KXAN back in 2017 that neither longhorn dam nor decker dam had any structural issues and that it made repairs to longhorn’s gate and lift system in 2014. They told KXAN that inspections for longhorn dam happen every five years.

The area around longhorn dam could see an increased risk for drivers if heavy rains continue. The city of austin has added two new points to the ATX floods map: the location at west cesar chavez street and lamar boulevard and the point at south pleasant valley road and the longhorn dam.

"The biggest concern is texas leads the nation in flash flood deaths and the majority of those flash flood deaths happen on the road. We might see water over the road at cesar chavez and pleasant valley, that is our main concern," porcher added, recommending that people avoid driving in those locations if the rain continues. West point military academy alumni people east of longhorn dam are carefully watching the river level