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If you have an emergency with respect to your order or a customer service issue requiring immediate assistance (BEFORE YOU CANCEL IF POSSIBLE), please send a TWO (2) SENTENCE email with your order number in the subject field to our CEO at Allow at least a couple business days for your issue to be addressed and resolved.

1. This is a WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC website. You can either buy your Tidewater Workshop items from this website inexpensively and be willing to wait without complaining or you can receive your items quickly by purchasing from one of our many online affiliates and pay more than twice as much. Do not order from this website and expect prompt delivery and lots of customer service. level education If you want a more speedy delivery of your items with more traditional customer service, please purchase our products through one of our many online or local re-sellers.

They can get you your Tidewater Workshop furniture much faster but more expensively.

2. We have shipped more than 12,900 orders for furniture so far in 2018. If we are having a problem with your order, we are sorry but be rest assured we will address it ASAP. There have been a handful of customers who failed to read our very clear Terms and Conditions page on this website and have complained to a third party in violation of our purchase agreement. Their experience is NOT the normal experience and please don’t violate the Terms. If you are having an issue, PLEASE contact our CEO at We want to work with you to resolve your issue professionally, as we have for 500,000 customers over 27 years.

Please do not send us emails requiring immediate attention between 4:30 on Friday until 8:30am on Monday. We don’t charge enough for our products to provide around the clock and weekend customer service. Thank you for your understanding. Also PLEASE read the Terms & Conditions page carefully if you are frustrated and need immediate attention.

Tidewater Workshop typically ships MOST items in 3-4 weeks BUT as we approach the middle of summer we are taking 3-4 weeks longer than that. If your order has the online order prefix of 709-811 or a phone/mail prefix of 299-326, please note that your order is in queue and has either shipped or is being prepared to ship. (update date: September 20, 2018)

Please be aware that we are re-building Tidewater Workshop customer service from the ground up as we adapt to the migration form mostly phone/mail orders to a greater number of internet and affiliate sales/orders. We are creating infrastructure to provide timely tracking and shipping information but we are not there yet. We have had some difficulty with this transition but please be patient as we should have everything in place shortly.

If you have been given multiple shipping dates due to a processing error, please note that we have prioritized these orders and anticipate have them 100% shipped by the end of the week after the order expiration date shown on the upper right corner of this website. what level of education If it appears you may have to wait longer than 6 weeks for your order, you should receive a mailed postcard in which you can accept the revised shipping date or cancel the order.

Some items, including sale items or items that are part of large orders, can take a little longer. During some months it may take up to 6 weeks for delivery of some items. Because of this, our staff sometimes has difficulty keeping up with the volume of phone calls and emails regarding status. Please be patient. We refuse to hire inexperienced staff to help with the brief spike in contact because the service you would receive would be less than if you waited for a return call or email. Please note that we answer the phones M-F (except business holidays) from 10-2 EDT. We have added additional staff between 10 and 2 Monday through Friday so if you need to reach us, these are the best hours. In the unlikely event you do not reach our office staff on your first try, please rest assured that your call will be returned or handled in the order in which it was received.

Let us repeat: We only bill your order after the order has been shipped EXCEPT that custom orders, very large orders, delayed shipping orders of sale price merchandise, orders for certain clearance and/or limited-time offer SALE ITEMS MAY REQUIRE BILLING AT THE TIME THE ORDER IS PLACED and/or require a deposit. In some cases (depending upon your credit card or issuing bank) your card may be pre-authorized. If you believe your order has been billed and your order not yet shipped, PLEASE call us M-F 10am-2pm EDT. If you have a billing issue, PLEASE contact us either by phone or email to

Please note: Credit card charges that are disputed with the cardholder bank (chargebacks) are very expensive for everyone involved. Please do not dispute charges without contacting us first. We may be forced to pass along fees and charges incurred back to you. Please call or email us PRIOR to any charge dispute.

If you are unable to get a satisfactory resolution on the phone or by checking the "FAQ" tab on our website, then email us at If you are at the end of your rope, PLEASE email the CEO at Questions regarding credits, refunds and other accounting issues must be addressed on the phone. Call us at 1.800.666.TIDE (8433). You call will be answered immediately or returned within 5 business days.


Orders cannot be placed or canceled via email. Orders can be placed online through our online store or by calling 1.800.666.TIDE (8433). Orders can only be canceled by contacting our customer service representatives during regular business hours. Voicemail and/or email cancellations are not accepted. Should you find it necessary to cancel an existing order, you will be given an order cancellation number from our representative at the time of your call. If your order has been billed prior to cancellation but not yet received by you, please allow us to track your order and process the appropriate credit. Charges disputed with your credit card company prior to receipt of a cancellation number and confirmation of the appropriate credit from Tidewater Workshop may be subject to a processing fee plus any discrepancy in the amount disputed and the correct refund owed.

and reply to as soon as possible in the order in which the calls are received. This time of year we experience a spike in telephone order, status, inquiry, and question-related phone calls. If you need to leave a voicemail, please very briefly provide in this order; YOUR NAME, ORDER NUMBER, TELEPHONE NUMBER, and HOME STATE along with exactly what you need and SPEAK VERY SLOWLY. We have had a number of callers complain about the lack of a call back who failed to leave a message with the above information stated clearly and slowly.

We are currently running at least 4-6 weeks behind our original estimated order ship dates on SOME items, longer on a few, and shorter than a week behind on most others. Please be patient as we are working 2 shifts daily and anticipate having all orders shipped at the original estimated date with the next couple weeks. We appreciate your business and, since most of our customers are repeat buyers, look forward to hearing from you again soon. highest education level country For more information about "WHERE’S MY ORDER?" click on the FAQ link at the top of every page.

For a complete listing of our customer service options and menu of frequently asked customer care issues, please click on our FAQ tab AND PLEASE BE SURE TO READ OUR PRIVACY POLICY PAGE located under the ABOUT US tab at the top of every web page.