Dear debt best inspirational quotes on success

Last year, 2017, was the worst year of my life — the dissolution of my 9-year relationship, physical health issues and scares, a mental health breakdown and business transitions. I was abusing alcohol to numb the pain until I finally went back on medication to manage my anxiety and depression.

It’s like I had the most intense emotional hangover and financial repercussions that lingered into this year. In may, after lola retreat, I had a mental health relapse. I made a poor decision and went off my medication because I thought I was better.

After already feeling at my lowest, the next month in june, I dealt with yet another heartache after trying to love again too soon. That certainly didn’t help things and made me question my reality and my trust in myself in ways I’ve never experienced.

Let’s take a scale from 0-100.

When you are at your lowest, you are at a zero. When you’re in fits of hysteria, mania, and inconsolable, you are at 100. Being on antidepressants helps me stay in a more moderate range of 30-75. I still feel. I am not a zombie. But I’m no longer drowning in depression or despondent with tears.

Because I needed help, I paid out-of-pocket for therapy at $50 per session. Inspirational quotes for esl students my psychiatrist was a whopping $250 per session without insurance. I was paying roughly $500 per month j ust on my mental health. It was outrageous but I could do it.

Last year, my income went down 20 percent. It has gone down this year as well. When I started my business, I was on a trajectory to earn more, more and more money. From the low-income trap I was in to nearly six figures, things were looking real good.

It can even help you maintain the status quo. For example, I was able to stay in the apartment that my ex and I shared. I could afford the rent on my own. I could still feed my cats. My lifestyle didn’t change much because I had the money to maintain.

Hey debt fighters! We have another great dear debt letter to inspire you to break up with debt. This letter is from sarah, a 26-year-old experiential educator currently working and living in virginia. She is working her way to a fulfilled debt-free life.

The thought of you completely overwhelms me some days, and then others I feel like I can start to grasp my thoughts around you. Today is a particularly hard day. I feel like there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t seem to see it. Inspirational quotes for students pinterest I have wrapped my self-worth and my net worth into the same thought. I know this isn’t true, though I am really struggling to get past it.

You make me feel like I’m not good enough, and that I don’t deserve to be happy or enjoy life anymore. You are one of the reasons I ended a relationship, moved away from a place that I loved, and constantly think that I am not good or deserving enough of people, experiences, and things.

I don’t have a plan to magically erase you, and know that our relationship will continue for some years to come. I am determined that I will amicably end this relationship in the future though. One day I will be rid of you. Until that day, I will actively remind myself each day that you don’t define me. My self-worth is not attached to you. I am enough, and I am an asset to this tiny spinning globe in our big wide universe. I care about others, and others care about me. You do not change that exchange of human connection.

Hey debt fighters! We have another dear debt letter for you from meg. Meg is a financial independence convert and travel hacker who can be found on tumbler (megansmadtravel) exploring the hits and misses of flying for nearly free with only a backpack. Her 2018 goal, to visit 12 states in 12 months has blossomed into international travel and for 2019 she looks forward to finally completing her book on finance, debt, and personal value.

It’s been a five year road with you and three years since I started keeping a journal to recount my journey. But in three short months I will have paid off $32k (and more in interest) of credit card debt and I am both excited and at a loss as I don’t know who I’ll be without you.

Debt, you’ve impacted the career choices I made. You’ve forced me to be creative, to step outside my comfort zone and to think outside the box. This year, even though I was almost entirely focused on you, I was able to travel, largely for free. You made me search for other ways to live my dreams, and as such I found an entire community of people.

You set me on FIRE debt. I have always wanted to work less, to live more and in paying you off I found financial independence, I found early retirement. You changed my world with travel hacking, and you gave me the tools I needed to forge a new path.

This is the first time that I’ve acknowledged you but you have been in my life for almost 2 years. At first, I loved you. Best inspirational quotes for the day I needed you. I had no job, no money and a baby. I just finished undergraduate school and thought that graduate school was just the next step in my life.

I was fortunate enough to graduate undergrad without you, but I refused to let my mother pay for another semester of school. So I decided to take out 20k of you. You-student loan debt. I told myself that you would cover my tuition and my child’s nursery tuition for an entire year (emphasis on entire).

But I did have your interest. $2000 worth of interest. Your initial 20k turned into over 22k. So this is a break up letter debt. I packed peanut butter sandwiches to work, sacrificed clothes and anything else to pay you off. Now you are down to $9100.

It feels like it took forever to get down to 4 digits. This calls for a celebration. A free celebration of course. Now I’m wiser. Now I know that I have to be INTENTIONAL with how I use you and money. You debt are not all bad. You have a good side to you.

My student loans were due after my grace period was over. And after six months of job interviews, I couldn’t find a full-time job with my newly minted M.A. Status. There was no way I could afford to pay my student loans — at this point, $68,000 — and pay new york city rent.

I walked invisible dogs as part of a promotion for the grand opening of a pet store. I sold water bottles at an overnight rave. I helped plan someone’s 40th birthday party. I worked as a coat check at a fancy halloween party in the hills. I gave out shots of jameson on st. Patrick’s day while I tried to disguise how uncomfortable I was wearing a skimpy skirt (this gig did not last).

I found the gigs on craigslist and taskrabbit. Best motivational quotes for exams I worked seven days a week for several years. Eventually, I realized people were leveraging their blogs into freelance writing opportunities. I knew I wanted a piece of that action if for no other reason than I was tired of going all around town for these gigs without a car.

Through a friend’s referral, I was able to build my client base and grow from one to four clients (this was a game changer!). Eventually, I did find a nonprofit job making $31,000 per year — but after one year, I quit to become self-employed.

In december of 2015, I made my last payment to debt. I screamed. I cried. I felt a burden lifted. Though life hasn’t been easy since and my problems haven’t been solved, I have so much less worry. I can put money toward my problems to make my life easier.

If you’re in student loan debt, know that it’s possible to get out. It may take a while and it won’t be easy. There will have to be sacrifices made. Change doesn’t happen unless you change. How I’m helping others pay back their student loans

It’s important to remember that you are not your debt. You are not a loan. Educational inspirational quotes for students you are not alone. J. Money from budgets are sexy and I started debt drop a few years ago to help some of these readers in despair. I love being able to give money freely and make someone’s day.

Before blogging, I used to think getting out of student loan debt was impossible. I thought I’d have a greater likelihood of seeing a unicorn than becoming debt-free. But when I discovered personal finances blogs, I realized regular people paid off their debt.