Donald trump taps a nationalist to head up u.s. foreign policy politics now yale university undergraduate courses

Under fire by mueller, the press, and the sane people in america, donald trump is showing all the signs of a president trying to save his base. Forget trying to preserve his presidency. That was destroyed long ago.

Jimmy carter, and george W. Bush, the two candidates for “the worst president in history,” depending on one’s political affiliation, can rest comfortably knowing they will never be on the bottom rung of the presidential ladder.

The honor of worst in history belongs to donald trump. It is quite an achievement to be the worst of 45 presidents in just a year into one’s term of office. Well, he wanted to be number one at something.

President trump fired general herbert raymond mcmaster, the 26 th national security adviser, and donald trump’s 2 nd person in the job in fourteen months.John bolton

general mcmaster is a smart man and does not suffer fools easily. His relationship with trump has been stormy from the outset.

The general puts the nation first, and whims by the president is not on the radar. He told trump when the president is wrong and the commander-in-chief did not like it. Frankly, I was shocked and encouraged when donald trump hired mcmaster. I incorrectly thought that perhaps trump did have a brain after all and had bilked many people just to win, and would employ quality people.

The only logical explanation is that trump had an off moment, by putting someone in a critical position who is imminently qualified, and would be just as comfortable and competent serving a democrat as a republican. Generall mcmaster is about good policy, and not about partisan politics.George bush

To replace mcmaster, trump has gone way down the food chain and tapped a nationalist fox news contributor who has been a hard right loyalist, and nationalist.

Bolton is a tactician, and let me give him his due, he is a good tactician. The problem is the job of national security adviser needs a strategist, someone who can play chess in three dimensions. That is not john bolton, who is a checkers kind of chap.

Ambassador bolton is a typical washington swamp creature. I say that with admiration and love since I was one for many decades too. As far as tactics and scheming goes, he has risen to the scummy surface of the swamp through his steadfast commitment to pandering.

As the big dogs run and control the streets of the nation’s capital, john bolton has run with the pack, his little chihuahua legs in constant motion and a never-ending yapping in support of the more substantial dogs.George bush

He and trump are a good match. Both men evaded the draft. General bone spur trump with medical deferments, john bolton hid in the army national guard. Odd is it not that so many draft dodgers become war hawks and those who went to war, and came under fire become doves?

His career has been one of irony. President reagan appointed him to the civil division of the department of justice. President george H.W. Bush named him as assistant secretary of state for international organizations affairs. That is a fancy title without a lot of meat behind the words, and a challenge for someone with no use for mulitlateral organizations, or the united nations.

One does not need much substance to hold that job. One has to think about the united nations and go to cocktail parties to show the flag.John bolton as far as hard policy substance, that is not in that bureau’s responsibility. It is a crumb for a party loyalist, and in bush’ case, rewarding a fellow yale grad.

George W. Bush named bolton as america’s UN ambassador as a recess appointment. Mr. Bolton left the position when the clock ran out on the appointment. There was not a prayer he would have won senate confirmation as the job requires.

I recall ambassador bolton when I represented the government of croatia during their war of independence. America had not recognized the new nations, and secretary of state larry eagleburger and national security adviser brent scowcroft liked the idea of yugoslavia and were fighting against a tidal wave of change in the region.

Guess who stood against the new republics fighting for freedom and self-determination in support of the war criminal slobodan milosovec?George bush yes, john bolton had not “clarified” his position, as the spin goes. He did get on board once it became clear that big GOP donors tony maglica, and illya lettica were supporting croatian and bosnian independence.

He has called for military strikes against iran, and against north korea. He is one of those guys who seems to think, “you know, if I kill all my enemies, of course, there will be peace. Let’s do it!”

He is a brilliant pick from the standpoint the president is trying to shore up his ultranationalist and white supremacist base. That crowd has already welcomed him with open arms. They seem to look past his support for israel.

As a supporter of israel, it gives me great consternation that we share the support. He is the kind of ally that a state under siege does not need, and his constant pandering to some of the more extreme voices in israel is counterproductive and helps to erode support for israel.George bush

Many are fretting today that with bolton on board, war is around the corner. I would not worry about that too much. Starting a war is a strategic, rather than a tactical business. I know that first hand from my role in gulf war 1, the croatian war for independence and the half dozen other nations at war I’ve represented in my day. John bolton may be “dangerous” in the minds of many, but he just does not have the horsepower to pull off a war.

What he will give us is worse foreign policy until trump tires of him too, and sacks him. Until then, he sure will provide me with a lot to write about in the coming months.

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