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Finally, you can come in a bit later and the kids are more mature, but you’re still a glorified baby sitter with a salary to match. Union leaders are watching you now, so put on your thinking cap, play along with their so-called "educational reform," and you’ll go far.

Now it’s time for a little "schooling!" But we’re not talking about educating the masses…With your new powers, you can restructure the Teachers’ Union, fire old rivals, grant and revoke scholarships and edit textbooks at your whim! That’ll teach ’em!

The Career reward is Books First for Learning: A Bookshelf of Education that allows Sims to study all skills. If Apartment Life is installed, Techs are likely to be employed in this career. Additionally, this is the career with the third highest level 10 salary per week, after Show Business and Intelligence.

The college majors associated with this career are Biology and Psychology.

It’s an uneventful day on the playground for , when suddenly the unmistakable scent of trouble makes its presence known. The Big Kids enter the playground just after their lunch with a sweet tooth for bullying. knows the younger kids don’t stand a chance, as there aren’t enough slides and tunnels in which to hide! He/She must act quickly with the tools at his/her disposal. Should offer The Big Kids a delicious tray of fresh orange wedges to distract them from the younger kids, or should he/she stand up to them with detention slips at the ready?

is taking the role sheets to the front office just after the morning announcements, when a frantic mother bursts through the front door with her son trailing behind her. "Stop right there!" the mother yells at . "You cannot turn in that role sheet!" Taken aback, informs the woman that, yes, he/she can turn in the role sheet. Flustered, the mother reveals that if her child is tardy once more, he’ll have to repeat the third grade and it just isn’t right, because it’s her fault he’s always late. With the pleading mother on her knees before him/her, is faced with the choice of turning in the role sheet as is, or fudging it a bit to give the young boy just one more chance.

is called to substitute for Ms. Moorington, who has won the Teacher of the Year Award for the past 3 years. A bit intimidated, takes a deep breath and arrives in the classroom to find its inhabitants have gone insane! He/She pulls a child down from the ceiling and demands to know what is going on. It appears that Ms. Moorington never actually taught, she just bribed the children with candy and falsified their report cards. Ms. Moorington has a lot of power with the school board, making it risky for to reveal the conspiracy. Desperate times call for desperate measures – what should do to get the classroom under control?

really wants to impress the administration with his/her students, and the school district science fair looks like the perfect opportunity. Two of his/her students’ projects really stand out: Harry Monroe’s model that hypothesizes the result of hot cocoa brewed in a volcano, and Sally O’Minky’s holographic gelatin projector. Both are top notch and cutting edge for the elementary scientific community, but can only send one student. highest level of education options Who should she send?

Spirit day for the high school is approaching and everyone is expected to participate – even teachers. high level of education However, things aren’t so simple for , who is up for evaluation before the school board on the same day. It’s one thing to be spirited on a normal day with face paint and a crazy outfit, and another thing when paint and a crazy outfit may cost a teacher dearly for not taking evaluations seriously. doesn’t want to be criticized for a lack of school spirit, but he/she would also like to keep progressing as an educator. What should he/she do?

is requested by Sim State University’s meteorology and sociology departments to lecture on the growing complexity of weather control devices, and the ethical and moral consequences of using the machines for its "When Lightning and Ethics Collide!" lecture series. The presentation moves along at a fine pace, with facts and opinions from both sides of the argument being presented. At the conclusion, opens the floor to questions, when a rather smarmy looking graduate student in the front row asks "What do you think?" Should say he/she is pro-control or pro-natural weather?

is becoming increasingly worried about students falling asleep in class. Teachers can barely teach the students anything and morale is at an all time low. brings in a group of consultants and they offer two solutions to the problem. The first is to use Ombutronic Generators to cool the school to near freezing temperatures, making it impossible to fall asleep. The alternative is arming every teacher, aide, and gym coach with a personal bullhorn to wake drowsy students. Both choices are rather extreme, though desperate times call for desperate measures. What plan should implement?

could really use the grant money offered with the London Scholarship for Immense Brains, but he/she hasn’t published a paper in quite some time. There are a few topics of interest about which to write, most notably The Effect of Vegetables on the Sim Physique and Frostbite: A World Without Toes. Both subjects are quite compelling and will make excellent papers, so it isn’t an easy decision. What subject should write about to win the London Scholarship?

Dean is having trouble with a particular fraternity on campus, the Zigga Bugga Goos. The young men have a tendency to conduct pranks on facility members, throw obnoxious parties, and crash the homecoming parade every year with unnecessary fireworks and gaudy rock music. has had enough! There are only two ways to deal with a fraternity this misbehaved: Kick the charter off campus, or pay a sorority to sabotage their social status. is pretty sure both methods will work, but he/she isn’t sure which one is best. What should do?

The country is not happy with test scores for children in neighborhoods throughout the country. Polls indicate that the children just aren’t learning, and drastic, unorthodox measures should be taken to put the nation’s youth back on the right track. Secretary proposes to the government a new curriculum of educational video games. Ideally, he/she proposes, children can learn and have fun at the same time. Two games really stand out: Bixby Rabbit and the Great Spelling Carrot, and Hunting and Fishing: Scavenging for Algebra! The budget only allows for one of the two games. Which one should choose?

The Education career is the only new career in The Sims 3: Ambitions that follows the old career track format. To advance in education, Sims must build both charisma and logic. At higher levels, teachers will also be expected to hold lectures, which will earn them extra cash. At level 10, Sims unlock the ability "Give Amazing Lecture", which gives all who listen a positive moodlet. They also get $541/hour. education level on job application This is the only career without an associated Lifetime Wish.

When the other teachers need help grading papers and erasing chalkboards they turn to you. You are well liked by the school staff because of your calm demeanor, punctuality, and reliable nature. Just remember to keep your hall passes locked away or you’ll be the one staying after school for detention.

Got the flu? Not you! When the faculty is out for a bout, they rely on you to take over. Keep up the hard work and you might have your own classroom one day. But stay away from the cafeteria’s ‘Meat Pie Surprise’ or you’ll need a substitute teacher too.

No more polishing apples for the rest of the staff, because you’re now an Elementary School Teacher! Sure, other jobs may pay more but you have the satisfaction of nourishing young minds with important facts and figures. You’re brushing up on your advanced verb conjugations and you can recite multiplication tables with the best of them. Armed with a slide rule and a protractor, you’re ready to enlighten young minds.

You know you’re a High School Teacher when the students drive better cars than you, but at least you have the satisfaction of helping pupils learn many of the necessary skills in life. Besides, someday they’ll have bills of their own to pay.

Congratulations! You’ve graduated to the top of the education pyramid and earned the title of District Superintendent. From the classroom to the boardroom, you have the skills necessary to oversee all the schools under your supervision. You’re the staff Valedictorian!