Eduguide what is the highest level of education

• Get more PD with less hassle. Without interrupting schedules, EduGuide delivers self-paced, collaborative PD in 15-minute modules that staff can do on any device anywhere, anytime. highest level of education meaning EduGuide even tracks their progress as they grow in coaching student strengths.

• Put EduGuide in any class. Because it’s about learning how to learn, schools and colleges have used it to support everything from English to Engineering. Just choose a class, such as Advisory, that provides all your students with consistent support. Colleges can easily embed it as part of participation in all classes to create a campuswide support system.

• Stop sacrificing curriculum time for support time. EduGuide can do both. It’s aligned to advance English Language Arts and other standards. Students practice thinking critically about multimedia, informational content and become reflective writers.

Built-in tools even strengthen vocabulary and comprehension for English language learners and other students.

• Help students when they’re struggling and when they’re thriving. When they’re struggling, EduGuide equips them to overcome obstacles. When they’re thriving, EduGuide equips them to passionately pursue their purpose and help those around them do the same.

• Multiply student support. EduGuide’s unique model engages all staff and students in learning how to mentor others in the social and emotional mindsets, skills and habits necessary to achieve their goals. Positive peer influences build bridges of empathy between students and narrow achievement gaps.

• Nurture bonds and belonging. what is level of education EduGuide fosters space for reflection and connection between staff and students on their goals, obstacles and aspirations. Staff report deeper relationships with students, making listening and learning easier for everyone.

• Grow the whole student. EduGuide equips students to pursue their own personal growth goals in all areas of their lives, from sports and sleep to study habits and stress. Weekly challenges help them make practical progress, one step at a time.

• Increase equity. how to answer highest level of education completed EduGuide is designed for the diversity of students needs, contexts and culture. Instead of only reaching the most vocal or active students, EduGuide’s personal path ensures that each student engages with the content on their own terms. And instead of the way train-the-trainer models can sometimes get watered down, EduGuide’s direct-to-student online activities ensure that all students get content with equal fidelity to the research model.

• Power persistence. EduGuide students deepen their sense of purpose by learning how to help others pursue their purpose too. Research shows this purpose powers persistence on short-term tasks such as homework and long-term objectives such as graduation.

• Smooth the path to success. EduGuide provides a unique personal development path that students can start at any point, from elementary school through college, to guide them through transitions. If you choose, you can even collaborate with school and community partners to coach students.

• Cultivate a coaching culture. EduGuide’s weekly 15-minute activities for staff and students develop a coaching habit that regularly orients everyone around how to help each other overcome obstacles, adapt and persist. It creates an encouraging environment where each person feels safe to face their fears, learn from failures and flourish.