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Election day is tuesday, april 3. Carthage residents will choose one of three candidates to be the next mayor of carthage for four years. On the ballot are dan rife, jason shelfer and brad cameron. These three candidates answered a list of questions from the carthage press to allow us to give you a snapshot of these people who are seeking your vote.

I moved here when I was about four years old from oklahoma, so I’ve been here most of my life. I left in 1962 and joined the military and ended up in oklahoma city. I went to school at the university of oklahoma and finished my bachelors and masters there, then I moved to kansas city, then I moved back here in 1978 and I’ve been here ever since.

I’m a professor at pittsburg state university in social work and I also teach justice studies courses. I’ve been the municipal judge in carthage for 34 years.Municipal court

I reach the maximum age for a judgeship in october and I want to stay involved in city activities. I have some ideas I’d like to promote and I thought the mayor’s position was the ideal place to do that should I be elected.

I can’t say I can identify a specific thing not being addressed at this time. I think mayor harris has done a good job in terms of taking care of the city. I want to expand on some thing. Under the guidance and leadership of greg dagnan, the carthage police department has instituted a community policing effort and I’d like to see that expanded and I’d like to support him in that effort. Then of course there are the issued you’ll see on my facebook page and my brochure. I really feel very strongly we need to have a court service officer, a person who is trained, college level social worker, that’s my preference, to facilitate people getting into treatment.Court service we have a lot of drug and alcohol, young people with these issues and what I do is offer them the opportunity to go for an evaluation and follow recommendations. And I make the fine sufficiently high enough that there’s some motivation to do that because I will reduce the fine of they follow through. In many instances they take the fine and pay it out, but I would like to have a court service officer who in some instances could act as a municipal court probation and parole officer and follow these people, get them into treatment and check on them and use the court system that way. There’s a concept called therapeutic jurisprudence, it’s a wave that’s going through the united states and that’s where a lot of our speciality courts are coming from, the drug courts and others. I’d like to see us do that at the municipal level because I think if you intervene early, you stand a better chance of helping people avoid the later problems.Municipal court municipal court is the ideal place to do that because often times that’s a person’s first contact with the justice system. I’ve had social work students from pittsburg state off and on throughout the time I’ve been municipal judge to do that job. I don’t have anyone right now because it depends on where they want to do their practicum. I’ve had some interns who have done fantastic jobs. My last intern did a wonderful job and she was very good with the people we see in municipal court.

I think it’s a beautiful city, it has a population of about 14,000 and we have some areas that are just stunning, beautiful areas and old homes. There are some areas that need some work and one of the things I would do as mayor is try to encourage those areas to improve and use the city’s resources to help, but also use civic groups and that sort of things to generate some interest in helping.Very good growing up here, I know a lot of people, I have friends here and I think it’s a wonderful town.

My vision is shaped in some respects by the 37 years I’ve spent in municipal court but another thing I’d like to see is I don’t understand why we can’t have a vibrant farmer’s market here. Webb city has that gorgeous market and it baffles me why we can’t generate that kind of market here. That would be one thing I’d really like to work on. I would work with the county and chamber and council on turning the square into a holiday destination, like the plaza in kansas city, by decorating it extensively. We have the vietnamese lights and people come to see that, why couldn’t they just come on downtown and have businesses stay open later. Those are the kinds of things I’d like to work on.

I believe that government at all levels has three duties, one is to protect its citizens, I think we have a very good police department and they do a very good job.Very good I think government should provide service to all our citizens. We have a wide diversity of people in carthage and it should be done in a fiscally responsible way.